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Poems Of Darkness And Light, 365.242199 Days A Year!
Poems Of Darkness And Light, 365.242199 Days A Year!




(Allen Langstrom Stern's Nightmare)

In my right hand is the white dreams that takes me into my nightmares!
In my left hand is the steel enforcer that might blacken out the horror!
I have spiralled so low into the pit of dusty through-the-straw hell!
I function through a day like I am falling down a dry well at midnight!

My parents are no help to me... they snorted with me before they both died!
The doctor cannot help me... he is my pusher and he demands my loyalty!
The streets cannot help me... they are darker than the blackness in my soul!
There is only death awaiting me as my right hand is moving toward my mouth!

My government is all fucked-up because of the bastard fools hijacking it!
For a time I was fooled into believing the new fools might actually be for real!
But no, their version of healthcare is battling each other while the dead die!
GOP in total power in government and they can't stop stabbing each other!

So, fuck all of you rich monsters as you battle to be the one to stomp me out!
You got money to burn and you should take your slimey ways to your mansions!
Leave the governing to people who really give a goddamn about the little people!
You got money, you got power, you eat well... why fuck with us who don't?!

Well my fuck you to all of you is this... my last four Vicodins dry swallowed!
My final act, as I watch you on the TV fuck me more, is this barrel to my temple!
You don't want to help me... you only want to help yourself and your boys!
Well I don't want your kind of Mafia help... I only want the relief of this lead bul...!


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Always make sure you check those doors and windows,
Day or Night,
Before you retire to bed because that is...
When They Come For You!


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(Herndon, Virginia)

Sweet, sweet angel of death...
I beg of thee to come to me and take my soul!
Take me away from this scorched surface earth!
I simply cannot continue to live in a country,
In a world, actually,
Of straight political insanity that caters to the worst human elements!

I, regardless of what I wanted with my political vote,
Have come to the sobering reality that I am still a slave to what THEY want.
I have no real control over the laws that control my life.
The numbers to the game of American life will never be in my favor!
They will always use the numbers against me!
One black president means nothing to me because I never met him!

And now... the mostly white people of my America have spoken!
They have given the US presidency,
The most powerful position in the world,
To an openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic, sexist, predatory man.
They gave this power to a man who spit in the face of pure political tradition by...
Openly lying to America about his taxes while refusing to release his tax records!

And now the long con comes to fruition!
The republican power elite will now attack every liberty I need to survive!
In fact, the “Swamp Draining” promised is a goddamn lie!
The swamp is actually being refilled right before my eyes with...
The same political swamp water trash that wants to destroy civil liberty!
Really... like, for example, Newt Gingrich and “stop and frisk” Rudolph Giuliani?

Death, I am too much of a coward to kill myself... this you must know!
So, you can come to me and I will not resist your dark call!
I am 57 years too tired... and too many people of America are too crazy!
And the craziest of people of politics are about to take over the government!
They will literally change the world within hours after Trump’s swear-in!
They will go after gay people, women, blacks, Muslims and Mexicans!

Civil liberty... in a Republican controlled America?
What will civil liberty look like enforced by the religious right and the Alt-right?
I do not want to know the answer to that question!
I do not have the energy to continue to fight racial wrongs that always seem to win!
I do not want to do this life thing any longer!
I am not just tired from life... I am exhausted from life!

The racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic human animals have won!
They elected the man who will give the crazy monsters the power they crave!
America is now a place I do not want to live in any longer.
It is time for me to check out of this crazy horror hotel call America.
And so... I am laid out before you death... come take my soul to where you wish!
And may God bless my death... may God bless my soul... and may God bless America!


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It is 2/16/14 right here in the heart of the United States of America!
At that time, who could have guessed American race relations would die in Florida!
Who could have believed the police would start executing black men in the streets!
How would have ever believed this shift from Zimmerman homicide to police homicide!
Who could have ever believed things would continue to deteriorate into Trump madness!
Who could have ever believed that by now America,
Because of the blatant war on the American black man,
That America now knows what it is... To Live And Die Black In The USA!


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At 57 years old,
I still vividly remember the first time a white person spit on me.
Shallotte, North Carolina... 1965!
My grandfather took me with him the 10 miles from the deep country into town.
And the old white woman who called us Niggers and spit on us...
Well, that is North Carolina hatred!
And it is just as strong today as it was back in 1959 when I was born!
Presented for your perusal,
Is one example out of millions of reason for the hatred that comes from...
The DNA Of North Carolina!


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If a politician who has the power to do something,
But actually does nothing to prevent the deaths of many,
He he complicit in the deaths of the many?
And if that man continues to do nothing year after year,
And people continue to die because he continues to block help,
What would eventually be a suitable punishment for that man?
Perhaps... A Justifiable Suicide?


(Remember to click on the title for the actual story.)
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White men lynched black men with impunity back in the old days...
With the blessing of local police!

And today?
Black men are are 'lynched' by white men, by proxy of their bullets...
And they can STILL count on local police for support for their murder!

It feel like black men are still Hanging From The Ole Oak Tree!

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Another New York cop gets off Scott free...
After he blatantly choke murdered another 'beastly' Negro...
Right there in broad daylight...
Right there in front of witnesses...
Right there on high definition video!

Almost three centuries later,
And white men can murder a Negro with impunity...
With the help and protection of the secret Grand Jury...
Which is secretly composed of jurors who could be clan members!

Can't you taste it in the air, America?
Can't you taste the acrid molecules on the tip of your tongue?
Are you not... Tasting The Black Fear?

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Gay people were not always dragged from their homes and killed across Africa. That horror developed when the modern fundamentalism Christian movement introduced its "death to the gays" ideas into the mentality of Africans. Now, today, all hell has broken loose in parts of Africa. And if you are LGBT... your very life is in danger!

My take on the subject? Read...

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How much is a black man's life worth in 2014?
A handgun and a box of bullets is cheap in this year.
Let's see... about 380 dollars ought to do it.
That was the cost of a strong buck slave in the 1800's!
Some things will NEVER change in MY America!

Here is another harsh poem of slavery past.
What is a black male human being's life worth today?


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