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Google Play Services, Marshmallow, MXPE `15... bug?

Since MM update on the MXPE `15, battery life has been quite good. I charge only three times per week.

Yesterday, late-ish in the day, Google Play Services fired up and ate battery at an alarming rate. The rate of consumption reminded me of the Lollipop Google Play Services bug!

Attached is a screenshot from Settings -> Battery -> Google Play Services.

1) Any idea what triggered it?
2) If so, any idea what I need to change or disable to make sure that it never happens again?

I welcome any suggestions, and, thank you in advance! Its my sincere hope that this does not become an ongoing issue as was the case in Lollipop.

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Question about VoLTE via MXPE `15 on T-Mobile...

Live in Chicago, T-Mobile Coverage map claims HD voice (i.e. - VoLTE) is now available.
Checked, via LTE Discovery App, I'm still using LTE Band 4 instead of LTE Band 12.

Called T-Mobile support, they patched me to Tech Support.

T-Mobile Tech Support claims that MXPE `15 is not VoLTE capable.

This is contradictory to...

I believe that I have everything on the phone configured correctly...

a) Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version = 6.0 & System Version = 24.201.3.clark_retus.retus.en.US.retus

b) Settings -> More -> Cellular Networks -> Enhanced 4G LTE Mode -> ON

So, what gives?

1) Do I need to do "something"? i.e. - do I need to yank the SIM & pop it back in?
2) Is T-Mobile Tech Support correct that the MXPE `15 cannot do VoLTE?

Thanks in advance!

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Could use your help, thanks in advance!

Device = Moto X 2013, Verizon Developer Edition (XT1060 DE).

Was recently swapping from one case to another, and, upon removal from the first case, the case itself snagged a corner of the phone and peeled back a bit of the back battery cover.

Naturally, I encountered a moment of panic.

I flipped the phone face down, applied a good amount of pressure, in hopes that the back cover would fuse / snap back into place. For the most part, its "okay".

There is a hairline crack in back cover, where it meets with the front of the phone.

1) Would a D-Brand back skin wrap around the sides and cover this hairline crack?

2a) If not, would I instead be better suited to locate a replacement battery back cover (i.e. - eBay, Amazon) & pay a repair shop to swap? For example, the current back is white (only option for the Developer Edition)... maybe its time to consider wood-grain!

2b) The majority of replacement battery back covers are after-market. Need I insist on the real article?

3a) If I'm going through the trouble of paying someone replacing the battery back cover, anything else that I should ask a repair shop to do?
3b) For example, replace the battery?
3c) Ask if they have a wireless charging mod that they can install?
3d) Other?

Thank you!

Fair warning, this is a long-winded question.

I'm considering selling my 2015 Moto X Pure, 64GB edition.

Two main issues with the device...

1) I absolutely despise the LCD screen (wish that I'd returned it within the two week grace window).
2) I bought the device believing that T-Mobile would make LTE Band 12 available in my area (Chicago) at any moment... Its going to be awhile before that comes to be!

Historically, when selling phones, I've gotten the most money using Amazon Trade-In. However, on checking Amazon Trade-In, I do NOT see the 64GB model listed.

Can anyone recommend a non eBay avenue for selling this device & getting good resale value?

My reluctance to using eBay being how much higher in value you need to list the item, in order to cover eBay & PayPal's fees. Learned that lesson when I sold my Verizon unlimited data!

My reason for wanting to sell the 2015 X Pure is to either try getting as much mileage out of my existing 2013 X Developer Edition (Verizon), or, perhaps buy a new 2014 X Pure Edition as they're so low in price right now.

The hope is to "buy time" until...

1) At minimum, LTE Band 12 comes online in my area.
2) Wait to see what flushes out from the FCC 600 MHz auction.
3) See what NEW LTE Bands actually come online (as opposed to long-winded promises), and with which carrier(s), after the 600 MHz auction, and, what devices support them (& also device specs... I'm not likely to consider another LCD screen at ANY price... unless I absolutely have NO other option).

Thanks in advance!

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I'm really at a loss for what to say about the passing of Phife Dawg.

Seems like only yesterday I was still reeling over the loss of David Bowie.

And, only a few months ago saw Phife perform with Tribe on The Tonight Show. At the time, I thought that he appeared exceptional for someone who'd had a kidney transplant several years prior.

If you've not yet seen it, I'd have to highly recommend the 2011 documentary, "Beats, Rhymes & LIfe", 100% freely available on Crackle :,-rhymes-and-life-a-tribe-called-quest

Phife, thank you for everything that you shared, direct from your heart & mind, in light of being your own worst critic. You will truly be missed.

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Don't get me wrong... I feel bad that Aereo is having a hard time going live in the Chicago market.   But, as a beta user who was originally offered 3 free months...
Then, had another 3 free months given...
And, just today, yet another 6 free months, I'm good!

We've recently (June 19th) cut the cord.  Only thing that we will miss is Chicago Blackhawks' NHL games.

We own a Roku XS.

Has anyone tried Hockey Streams?   NHL Center Ice?  Both?   What did you like / dislike?

Finally, we're considering the combination of NHL Center Ice & Unblock-Us in order to avoid local broadcast blackouts.  Can anyone recommend a better  / cheaper service for avoiding blackouts?
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