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Frédérick Bak-Fortin
Future aerospace engineer.
Future aerospace engineer.

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Done with Uni! The end of an era.
It's been a while I didn't post here, so here's some catching up. I'm done with university. I only had one semester left to do, with two classes. One was a laboratory class, where, with a team of 3 other people, we had to calculate the efficiency of a shell...

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Quick Update
I'm not dead. I just haven't had any share-able projects so far, nor did I do much work on my project backlog. I did advance some things here and there, but work and school is killing me  taking all my time at the moment. Here's what I can share! They're cl...

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On sourcing components and tools
One of the hardest parts of any project is finding just where to get the pieces you need. Americans have it easy thanks to McMaster Carr, which, if you're lucky, will offer same day delivery (looking at you Charles <.<) or Amazon Industrial. None of those s...

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On rocket launches, internship, and electronics.
As some of most of you know, I'm a member of the GAUL, the "Groupe Aérospatial de l'Université Laval"...or the Laval University Aerospace Group, but then LUAG doesn't sound good...and LUA group sounds more like a programming language group...anyway. Way bac...

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Adventures in 3D printing, and the end of the semester.
3D printing As I mentioned in my last post, I ordered a 3D printer off Monoprice's Ebay page. They had a very nice deal: a prusa i3 clone for only $309, or, shipped and taxed and everything, 478 canadian pesos. The printer. Monoprice Maker Select, or Wanhao...

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3D printing, molding and casting!
A few weeks ago (as of posting this, not writting) I received an e-mail from my student project director saying the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering were planning on buying a few 3D printers, and wanted our opinion on the matter. They had r...

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Spring break week! Old electronic equipment salvaging.
Midterms are (semi) over! Springbreak is here! What best way to start spring break than by doing some electronics salvaging! Cleaning up the basement, I realized I had an old all-in-one printer, and an old scanner, taking wayyyyy too much space. Instead of ...

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Robot fighting document translation
One of the things that annoyed me when I was working as a FIRST team manager was how, whenever I mentionned robots and competition together, people would always, ALWAYS, say "Oh, you mean robot fighting, like Robot Wars?" (Except they're saying it in french...

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This week on big fred's cosplay and engineering shop! Death by FEA! Quadcopter Design! Oh my!
This post is...3 months late. I've been lazy. But things are changing. so here it is now, with more stuff than planned! Dark Repulsor As per my usual forgetfulness, I didn't take pictures of the beginning of the build. So here is where I started actually ta...

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Happy new year! Of goals, robots, rockets and motivation.
2015 has been...a year. I did and lost the best job I ever had. Working with FIRST and the Jean-de-brébeuf students have been, not only the closest I've been to actual engineering, both the project management aspect and the design aspect, but also the most ...
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