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Benjamin Schäfer

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The Divine Love Story - God's Quest for an Eternal Companion
Hidden between the lines of the Word of God lies the most invigorating, most romantic, and truest love story the universe will ever witness. It’s the story of the Father, the Son, and a Bride. A story in which you and I are protagonists... Read more:
Hidden between the lines of the Word of God lies the most invigorating, most romantic, and truest love story the universe will ever witness. It's the most fascinating account, unrivaled even by the most sophisticated fairytale romance the human mind could ever conceive.
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Benjamin Schäfer

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Jesus' favorite way of revealing Himself is through the Scriptures. On the road to Emmaus, the risen, glorified Jesus was walking right next to the disciples. Nothing hindered Him from showing Himself to them in all of His glory just like on the mount of transfiguration. And yet, it was the Scriptures that He used to make Himself known to them. He really loves His Word, it's His favorite way of revealing His heart and character to us. If you want to know Him, learn to find Him between the lines of this written transcript of His heart and His mind - the Bible.
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Benjamin Schäfer

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Neither in heaven nor on earth will you ever find anyone more thoughtful toward you than Your Creator, Sustainer and Lover of your soul.
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read your article on God's choice for us in marriage and i must say its well referenced with the bible. Big ups!
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Benjamin Schäfer

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The more you love the Lord, the more you can love others without living in spiritual adultery. Loving Him doesn't only empower you to love others, it sets you free to love purely. 
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Ganz genau 😃
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Benjamin Schäfer

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Our need to get a prophetic word confirmed by God is like a bottomless pit. No matter how often He confirms it, it never really seems to be sufficient. We will just end up coming back begging for another confirmation.

We will never have assurance unless we enter the realm of faith and actually start believing that what He said is true. Turn His promises into expectations and declarations!
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YES! Amen!  
Thank you for this!
I can't tell you how painstaking much I have struggled against this form of unbelief.

God has told me the very things you have just said here, and more.
He has been helping me overcome this more and more now.
Doubt is surely a disease.

Faith is without sight, IT IS The Conviction of what we hope for IS in fact True! 

God has told me, Faith is my confirmation. First I must choose to believe before I will see or receive outside confirmation.
This can't be done falsely either.

Like you stated, If I don't Trust and Believe Him now, NO amount of confirmation will change my doubtful state either.

That goes with saying, to those who follow Christ, our "Faith" is Not faith in of itself, No, it is not the kind that the world speaks of,
our Faith cannot be placed in just anything, "faith" alone without God, is useless, and empty.
Faith in anything else or one else, Does Not save us.
 Having only the Faith that is placed in Him-Jesus Christ, our Lord, who saves us and makes all that is impossible for man, possible!
So If I know Who Jesus Christ Is, (our Lord, God Himself, The Holy Spirit) then I know I can Trust Him, and that He cannot lie and He is In Control Over ALL things!
This is the conviction of what IS in Fact True!
Christ Jesus, Is LORD, He Is Truth upon which Our Faith must only be in.

No amount of my "careful unbelief" can Change Him and all that is True, so I must JUST Trust Him, and then He honors/rewards us for our Faith in Him, and His Promises, so in this is where my my confirmation lies, which is in Him through my Faith in Who He Is.
For without Faith, we cannot please God.

Now I will end with this Benjamin, I believe you seek God's heart by the things you say, even though this is not enough in itself to go on, but after all written words are all I have here as well, and yours show sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's teachings and leading, which is where I come from as well. In Truth.

So Often I feel like Peter, I really have No reason to ever Doubt Jesus, our Lord, He's been my God since I was very young, and I have watched Him work in my life just as He has told me He would all these years.
Once I decided to get a grip, on His truth and less of the wisdom of this world, I began to stabilize in His Truth and rise father and farther above these obstacles that only would get in between God and I. .

I finally let go of inquiring for confirmation and the looking for it, but rather just kept on inquiring and Seeking for More Of Christ and His Truth, and with every passing day I feel His Power become Greater, and my human limitations that He already Knows all about, become Less!
Sweet Peace of Mind that resulted in my Freedom! 
Then randomly I hop on over to google+ (Maybe every 3 months or so I do) and here 
you are Benjamin, your statement,
can now Be my "outside confirmation" because I put my Faith in God and relaxed in His trustworthiness instead of seeking anything else to place my Faith in, and that freed me to see what took Faith to see to begin with. Amen and Praise to A Praiseworthy God!! 
 Thank you!
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Benjamin Schäfer

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Mercy is free for us, but costly to God.
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Benjamin Schäfer

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This is my destiny: to behold Your face in eternity.
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Benjamin Schäfer

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"God is light," (1 John 1:5) but there was no light before He created it (Gen 1:3). From the moment He brought the universe into existence, He made Himself part of it.

Creation has always been about God preparing a home for Himself and for the ones He loves. All He ever desired was to be with us where we are (John 17:24), to spend every minute of the rest of eternity with us, lavishing His unconditional love on frail and undeserving human beings like you and me.

The universe isn't a place outside of God, designed to keep creation and Creator apart. It's His everlasting nuptial chamber, the final site of union of them both.

"Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them." (Rev 21:3)
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Benjamin Schäfer

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"Though I don't understand everything around me, I know You've always been faithful to me. I will say in the darkest of nights: Your promises are true, Jesus, I will trust You." (I Trust You by Justin Frederick)
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Benjamin Schäfer

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God doesn't just know every detail because He is omniscient (all-knowing), He knows every little thing about us because He really cares that much.
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Have been doing a thing on His Character this past week, so this is timing to see.

Going over Just How Magnificent and Powerful He IS, not Only Thrills me to the very core of my being, but it has also served as a sweet refresher of just HOW Great and Far beyond us "in every sense of the word", He Is. 

YET... He is in every single one of His children, right inside of us. 
I feel this has become more and more over looked, and to no amazement, more lives are defeated in the prospect of Christ having Very Heart desire and being our very source of Power all lies within the very center of having a relationship, an intimate one at that, with Christ!

This is the Power Of His Love, that He is far beyond us, and yet He Came to live among us and He didn't stop there, but even to live right inside of us!
He is our LIFE, we cannot live nor breathe, without Him.

All throughout His word He invites us to communicate with Him. 
Relationship, relationship, relationship Is Vital and Key.
Abide in Him, (Seek, Knock, Ask) and then Listen, Learn and OBEY, because outside of Him we die.

He IS "Love" for very good reason!
He has called us to Him and He allures His people to Him, to Know Him, so He can have a relationship with those He knows, or else He just won't when that crucial time arrives. 
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Benjamin Schäfer

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When the Man shining brighter than the sun splits the sky and again sets foot on the face of this Earth, the entire universe will be illumined by the light of His glory. Night and darkness will forever cease to exist and all of creation will be clothed with celestial brilliance as heaven and earth are united in the Son. Then the sheer endless depth of the universe will no longer appear as a dark, bleak void but reflect the manifold colors of His dazzling radiance.
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what a glorious day that will be! :)
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Benjamin Schäfer

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For all of us who are still single:
"I can't deny that there's pain in the waiting. But this ache is a unique gateway into the heart of our heavenly Bridegroom."
I can't deny that there's pain in the waiting. But this ache is a unique gateway into the heart of our heavenly Bridegroom.
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Haven't read this yet. However I am single, a single mother, and have been most my life, but more so for the past 6 years.

It has truly transformed me, I have really only desired God most my life, due to having endured much abuse and deadly situations, I grew to hate men.  
I don't now though of course.  lol
Once I was given the opportunity to have a 3 year godly relationship, (it had it's pains too) and I didn't handle it well, I had NO trust whatsoever, a very essential need for a healthy relationship. 

God I only could trust, until God showed me I didn't even trust Him, if I couldn't trust my relationship and the godly man I was last with, to God's care to begin with.

I lost that man 6 years ago, I successfully pushed him away.
The most painful gut wrenching lesson I have ever had to learn.

God knew I would though. 
God has unfailingly been there for me!!
He is all that I desire! He is better than my very life and all things in, to me!

I have not nor do I seek for a man, I do not want one.
However, once I thought God was going to put me with someone, (there was a lot revealing reason to believe this at the moment) from what that man received from God and from things I've received from God just came together.

Back when I didn't feel the need for confirmation at every corner, (which was just mid last year, lol) I walked in Faith.
I cried every night to God.

I simply did not want this, but like a fire that burned, I could not put it out, it was the belief that God wanted this. 
I knew that God's will is the Rule, it is done no matter what, and it does great harm to fight against it.
I know NOTHING, other than my GOD, and I trust Him completely!

SO I went on forward in Faith, but without ceasing from prayer.
I know that if there was a chance I could have been misled, I knew I wouldn't be by Him, acknowledge Him, His authority and Power, and He will direct or make your path straight.
He rewards your Faith in Him.
I knew that without Faith I will not please Him, and I believed that this was His will for me right now.
I discovered, something Great!
When I cried every night in His arms, I remembered Him- as man, Jesus, on the Mount of Olives before His arrest, He wept bitterly and sweat great drops of blood, crying out to His father that this cup may be removed from Him and then He ended it with, Your will, not Mine, be done. 
What You want God, not what I want.
This IS Key, and was ground breaking for me.
I already lived this way, but somehow missed that I could pray this way too!
While I stepped out in Faith at the same time.

OF course my situation can hardly be compared to Our Lord Jesus's, our sweet Savior!!
The life of Jesus is our example, God knows I have given up my own desires long ago, and only want what He wants, I can't bear to live any further on any of my mistakes again,
I know, I know nothing about what is good for me outside of Jesus.
Everything God has shown me and this other man, came together, so until God steps in to redirect our steps, I keep on in that direction and just TRUST HIM.
Either way, God's will, Will be Done, right?

What ever God's will is, I want to be in it wholeheartedly and submissively, but I followed Jesus' example, and prayed His words along the way.

God removed that cup from me, and now when I cry in His arms about that, it is out of Pure Gratitude!!! 
He has kept me to Himself. <3
He is My Love, He is my Creator. 

The Creator and Lover of All His people!
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