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Manchester School of Samba
Thrilling crowds with Brazilian Carnival styles since 1995!
Thrilling crowds with Brazilian Carnival styles since 1995!

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Water Light Graffiti
by +Kellya Clanzig, +EuroTech; France

Water Light Graffiti is a lighting wall that is turned on by water, allowing to draw ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. Thanks to a paintbrush, a water atomizer, their fingers or anything damp to sketch, the passers-by are able to leave a bright message or a simple drawing. A wall to share and create brightness in the city.

Antonin Fourneau, a french artist, has been working for some weeks at Digitalarti Artlab in Paris on this project. The Water Light Graffiti is a 6 meter long structure consisting of 20,000 of LEDs which light up when touched by water. 

After several tries, prototypes, and material improvements, Water Light Graffiti was finally ready to appear in a public space. Thus, from July 22nd to 24th, Poitiers’ (a small town in France) inhabitants had the chance to discover and play with Water Light Graffiti with the artist, the Digitalarti Artlab team, and Painthouse, a graffiti collective, invited for demonstrations.

Quentin Chevrier, who is currently working at Digitalarti on the promotion of Artlab explained to “It is not obvious at first glance in the video, but the realization is particularly interesting. There is no water, pressure, or humidity sensors. LEDs light when water touches them because they are surrounded by two isolated metal parts that bring power to the LED. When a drop of water (no matter how small) contacts both of them, current flows, and the LED lights, magic! Note that the more water makes contact, the more LEDs light up, so it is possible to play on the intensity, to show gradations etc. This creation thus combines art, natural element, technology, painting, graffiti ... We can write, draw, play ... It’s fun, it’s interactive, it is well found.”

Water Light Graffiti is a project by Antonin Fourneau, engineered by Jordan McRae, and the Design Structure was realized by Guillaume Stagnaro. They were assisted by Clement Ducerf and the ArtLab volunteers. But all was made possible by Digitalarti.

Digitalarti, or Digital art & innovation is the European branch of Digital Art International, a structure that works on digital art-innovation missions for companies or local authorities worldwide. These missions include the development of relations between the digital art community and the R&D department of a company, work with digital artists for a corporate event or communication and the documentation of the digital art environments developed in cities and countries.

Digitalarti opened the first Artlab in Paris. It is an open space dedicated to digital artists, designers, creators, and R&D engineers’ creations. Like fablabs or techshops, the artlab combines equipment, computers, electronics, (3D) printers, and more. Pro workshops are also provided to master the tools like a physical computing workshop, and a 3D workshop.

Tags: #ScienceEveryday
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Post has attachment Welcome to a whole new world of rhythm & dance Brazilian style with Manchester School of Samba's Beginner's Class, tomorrow 4.30p.m. at The International Society, Manchester. More info at
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From 3' 22" in you can see our troupe for the parade (a big red and yellow Phoenix and Fire Imps in red capes). If you want to join Manchester School of Samba you can do so tomorrow by coming down to our practice at Sacred Trinity Church at 7p.m. More info on our web site
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Learn to do this with Manchester School of Samba (if you are in Manchester, UK) every Monday 7.30 till 9p.m. at The International Society, 324 Oxford Road, M13 9PG £5/4.50! More info
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