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Angie Kalthoff Sara Norman
We are 2 teachers who love technology & teaching!
We are 2 teachers who love technology & teaching!

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2015 Summer Classes~Register Now!
Our Summer 2015 Sessions Do you miss us?!?! Cause we sure miss you all! Angie and I have been super busy (as always....and who isn't right?!) But know that we aren't gone completely. We've just been working on our own individual projects.  However, never fe...

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How is your posture?
It is very exciting when we get mobile devices in the hands of our students! There are so many wonderful things they can create. Once the rules have been reviewed and students know the expectations for their project we let them go and many times they are of...

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Where or where has Normoff gone?! Where or where could they be?!
No worries, we are still here! We've been super busy doing some fun (and not as much fun but more like hard work) things. Angie and I are still both very active in all things teaching and technology. We are still presenting at various conferences and school...

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A little over a week ago I had the privilege of presenting at the iSummit in Minnesota. I am always excited when a new learning opportunity comes my way, and even more excited when it is with this wonderful group of people. I lead two sessions. My first ses...

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App Review: Stick Pick
Stick Pick has become a must have app for my classroom and I believe it can truly help any classroom teacher no matter what age level! I first heard about Stick Pick at an Anita Archer workshop (she's great by the way!) when she was discussing formative ass...

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Running Records with iPads & App Review: Levelbook
Levelbook by Von Bruno is a great app for teachers to use when testing their students' literacy. We love that Levelbook is designed, developed and maintained by a professional certified teacher. As of right now Levelbook costs $4.99. Gone are the days of ma...

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App Review: colAR Mix
Want to take your writing workshop to the next level?! Try using colAR Mix ! ColAR Mix is a 3D Coloring Book App that using augmented reality (AR). This means that it combines layers of digital content combined with your actual environment using the camera ...

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Thank You Little Mountain Elementary!
A HUGE thank you to Mr. Hackett and the staff at Little Mountain Elementary for a wonderful workshop day! We had a fantastic time and we hope that you did too! Being able to share our love for technology and teaching with other educators is truly our passio...

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Hello Little Mountain Elementary!
Welcome staff members of Little Mountain Elementary! We are so glad that you found our blog! Take a look around and remember to email us with any ?s or thoughts you may have. We are here to help however we can! And as a quick link back to our website with t...

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App Review Word Wizard
Word Wizard by L'Escapadou is a great app to add to any elementary classroom app list! It isn't a 'gaming' app per-say, but what it is is a whole lot of AWESOME! It is currently listed for $2.99, although I recently saw it go free for a few days so make sur...
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