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Nick Gamberini
Nuking simple tasks since '94
Nuking simple tasks since '94

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Something fucked the ts server, got into a weird crash cycle. Trying to fix it now, had to nuke the old instance so be prepared to remake all your autistic icons.

That is all.

Fun things happen to your toes if you cut your nails too short and then PT hard for a few days. And by fun I mean painful, very painful

TW Big Toe:

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Holy Fuck. How gerrymandered was this district that some nobody can unseat Eric Cantor because he "isn't conservative enough." Eric Fucking "No Bargain" Cantor

On the other hand its hilarious that the tea party has become some mutant creature rampaging through the GOP and loping off leadership heads. They asked for it, and they got it

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On the one hand I think its cool that my phone warns me about the severe flash floods that are allegedly about to hit me, on the other hand its sunny outside 

It amazes me that people picked up, and then decided to roll with, Spock's somewhat convoluted architecture. In would almost certainly be easier to code a bot from scratch than deal with Spock's weird API. That said, can't wait to get a laptop and pick up Spock and cspock again

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Duffelblog nailed it again, even the nukes are taking about this one

So its pouring outside and I'm just hanging out in  the liberty lounge avoiding doing laundry. Guy next for me just signed up for Code Academy, I'm split on if I should give him advice or not. But its fun to see that in Nuke school geeky programmer is a position to strive for.

Just gave $50 to the Reading Rainbow kickstarter. Ya its over funded, and for that reason maybe its not the business/charity that needs the money the most, but I like the message that sending this thing to the moon puts out

Sitting on my phone in a Subway in South Carolina, updating a server running on virtual hardware somewhere in New Jersey, with packages pulled from all over the world.

I love technology, and by technology I mean Linux

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