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On The Fence Wednesday
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On The Fence Wednesday

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Stewie Griffin on the Fence +On The Fence Wednesday  #onthefencewednesday  Animated by +Natosha Davis  Im sure there is a good Stewie caption for this. #stewie   #familyguy  
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On The Fence Wednesday

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"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
-- Omar Khayyam

#OnTheFenceWednesday +On The Fence Wednesday​ curated by +Natosha Davis​
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On The Fence Wednesday

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For #OnTheFenceWednesday  and the On The Fence Wednesday Community +On The Fence Wednesday  created and curated by +Natosha Davis 
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Get off the fence and post it here!
I encourage you to read this before you post to this theme.  

***Do not tag your image to this theme page.  If you do, I will remove the tag.

Here you can post your photos of fences....chain-link, concrete, picket, wood, wrought get the idea.  BUT only on Wednesdays, please - if you post a fence photo to this theme on any other day of the week that is not Wednesday I will not comment or reshare the photo here.

This theme and page is owned and operated by Natosha Davis  +116170380218045052663


1. Please circle this page (be aware I try 
     and circle everyone when I can)
2. Post your fence photo to this theme on   
     Wednesday only
3. Use hashtag #onthefencewednesday
4. Mention my name Natosha Davis and mention 
     the theme page +On The Fence Wednesday
5. Hit share and you're set! 

NOTE: Unless you put your fence photo to a setting where it can't be shared, I will be resharing your post here.
*The purpose of this theme page is to showcase the photographer's fence images.  Please visit the person's google plus page to comment on the photos.  The curator owns no rights to images shared unless they're her personal images.