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I guess this will make it show up on my Google+ page? I still wonder why no API to push content to Google+...

It looks like Google Plus is discouraging people from syndicating their content to G+. Is that true?

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필독: Mary Meeker의 웹2.0 서밋 발표자료 올라왔네요. 비디오는 아직. (scribd) (pptx) #w2s

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Sun microsystem. I have to remind myself that they made more than keyboards...

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Is nearby realtime?

A: So you mean, I have to update yet another social network from Google?
B: Yeah..., but it's way cool. There is no message length limit, you can individually customize the message sharing, and can individually control how your post is shared!
A: ... You mean I cannot say my message is short because of 140 character limit, or I couldn't share because sharing model doesn't allow me to?
B: ...

Checking out Google+. The joy of starting out with fresh network; I must have added all these people half a dozen times already on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Friendster, Cyworld, iLoveSchool, ... sigh
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