It was a great day, beautiful and sunny, and Adele's cousin had gone to work. Adele hadn't, because she was in town on holiday and staying at Sapho's villa. Being from the cold South, from Tasmania, she decided to spend the morning on the beach. But the Queensland sun soon proved stronger than her suntan oil and Adele wisely decided to quit before she got deep fried. The North was a dangerous place for a fair skinned red head protected only by a bikini.

Another annoying thing about the area was the way the locals seemed quite content to have bathrooms with showers in them but no baths. Back home one of Adele's favorite refuges from the cold was a steaming hot bath. Hot, sticky, sore and sandy, she felt that a prolonged soak in cool water would be just as relaxing on a day when the mercury was going up and up. But Sapho didn't have a bath in her otherwise perfect little villa, only one of the ubiquitous showers. If Adele wanted a bath she was going to have to improvise one.

It was as she was setting up a laundry tub on a table in the villa's back porch that she noticed a battered old suitcase standing in one corner. She hadn't seen it there before, but guessed that it must belong to Greg, Sapho's boyfriend. Her live in boyfriend, or at least he was once a month, when he flew in for some R and R from the mine site he worked on out in the bush. But he wasn't due for rotation for another week, so perhaps the case was a spare one that Sapho had brought out for some reason. Adele was far more interested in finding a bottle of wine to go with her mood and the heat. The villa's wine bar had an Hamelin Bay Cabernet Sauvignon which seemed like it might hit the spot nicely.

It did. A glass or two and a gentle rub down with a sponge had Adele feeling like a new girl. Which wasn't as much fun as feeling a new boy. There had been some real spunks down on the beach, but none of them had come near her, and what was a holiday without a touch of romance in it?

Still, even in the beach had turned out not to be her place, the city had plenty of good pubs and clubs just waiting to be checked out. One of them was sure to have just the sort of guy she wanted to spend some quality time with. A guy with a lot of good qualities -- and a big bath. A bath big enough for two people to splash around in at one time. A bath you could make as many waves as you liked in.

Adele giggled to herself and leaned back to feel the muted sunlight coming through the shaded windows on her face, warm and stimulating, but not as warm and stimulating as the scenes she was playing out in her imagination. She was arranging them in her mind in the most interesting combinations she could think of when the side door of the porch opened and a male voice said: "Hi, you must be Adele. Warm day, hey?"

Astonished, she looked over her shoulder, putting her hands up to cover herself as she stared the young guy who'd come in carrying a long handled shovel.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"

"Well, the reason I'm standing here with this shovel in my hand is because a guy down the pub sold me a treasure map and I think the loot is buried in the back garden here. Don't worry about it, I'm a fully licensed pirate, it's just that I don't get to go to sea very much because I always get sea sick. Oh yeah, and my parrot is away at the cleaners right now, being re-feathered. It was getting pretty bare around the backside, but not as bare as you, Adele. By the way, can you spare a glass of that Sauvignon for a member of the working class?"

Adele gaped at him, wondering if he was some kind of a nutter.

"Go away, or I'll call the cops."

"The phone's in the hall. Go ahead and call. I'll just stand and watch while you do it."

"How come you know where the phone is?"

"I live here. My name's Greg. I would have thought Sapho might have mentioned me at some time or another. And the reason I'm standing here with this bloody silly implement in my hand is because I was catching up on the gardening when I heard some female giggling away to herself inside my villa. So I came to investigate and I brought the shovel with me in case a gang of chicks had broken in to get their hands on my body and I was going to have to beat them off with it."

Adele burst out laughing when she realized who she was talking to. The whole situation seemed so humorous she couldn't stop herself.

"But you're not supposed to be coming back for another week!"
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