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The site me and +Christopher Buecheler have been working on is officially live! Check it out.

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BlogShouts is trying to lift off. This is what +Christopher Buecheler and I have been working on for a bit and it's live now (never done). Starting to look for funding to make it a full time gig for us.
Well, we're officially looking for Angel Investment for BlogShouts. ... this may be the single weirdest experience of my life so far.

Grilled buffalo chicken breast sandwiches for dinner. Yum! Been on a grilling tear.


Hmm, no time limit on editing posts? Hilarity will ensue!

I feel like my stream's post order moves about. Is it bubbling things to the top after comments? Not sure I like that if it's the case.

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This is so amazing!

Brett Kruger now with more plus!

Brett Kruger Hello?


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