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The method is also really simple and easy-to-follow. Just keep the microwaves baking duration in your mind. If you will exceed the timing then the cake will get too rough.

Take a bowl, add maida in it.
Add icing sugar, baking powder and then mix these items with a spoon.
Use blender to blend these items perfectly.
Add egg and then blend them again.
Add melted butter and then blend them again.
Add milk and keep on blending until the mixture turns smooth and thick.
Take a microwave-safe bowl and grease it properly with butter.
Set the microwave timing to seven minutes.
Bake the cake for this duration and then check it with the help of a toothpick.
If the cake seems tough then it means that it’s ready.
Decorate the #cake by applying whipped cream and then adding caramel on the top.
You can also use the topping of your choice. 

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Pakistanis love to eat #chicken in every form but most of the Pakistanis don’t know how to cook the #chicken while keeping its original taste alive. Our team not only presented the chicken gravy recipes in their original form but they also presented the other type of chicken #recipes to all of our faithful followers. 

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We are unique in every aspect; we offer uniqueness in our #cooking style. Not only do we offer easy cooking recipes but we also reveal the magical ingredients that are used by our chefs in our simple recipes. If you think that we have some different way of #cooking #food then yes you are right, we try to guide you towards the easiest way of cooking yummiest food on this planet.

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Something is #technically wrong with #twitter 

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Khuwaja Ahmad Hassan  visited #LDA #Market Gulberg 2 along with Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhat
#PMLN#Lahore#Gulberg #UC_200‬
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Many thanks to Muhammed Asif for the great ‎lunch‬ arranged at #Ziafat M.M.Alam Raoad #Lahore restaurant.
‎#UC200‬ ‎#Chairman‬ Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhatti
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‪#‎Google‬ ‪#‎adwords‬ certification ‪#‎googleadwords‬

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