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Director at Google X.

I am building smart eyewear as the product director for Glass.

Previously, led product management for Google mobile maps and location services.

Angel investor in @onefeat, @zady, @highlight@blipme@styleseat@foodspotting@adku (Groupon), @yardbarker (Fox), and Green Patch (Playdom/Disney).

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Ran a 5:28 mile this year
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Steve Lee

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"It's not often that we can rejoice in the design of a hi-tech and fashionable product – we usually have to choose between the two. But the newly announced Google Frames buck that trend. The Google Titanium line, a collection of four unisex styles constructed to easily fit with the Google Glass camera, is spot on. The black titanium is sleek and minimal. These are the glasses Jil Sander wished she made, that Helmut Lang must be kicking himself for not putting out before retiring from fashion. These frames have all the hallmarks of timeless design – and that makes them stylish rather than fashionable."
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I showcased Glass on the world's largest business TV network yesterday. It was a hit with the ladies. Reggie Middleton Wins CNBC Stock Draft for the 2nd time in a row - with the same stock
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Steve Lee

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how are you? Dr. Michael here. psoriasis Specialist. I saw your product GOOGLE GLASS. you did lots of experiments on with it. As a Skin Psoriasis specialist. I want to do an experiment on my patent with the help of GOOGLE GLASS. Its a good cause that why i'm directly mailing to you. For more discussion, reply.

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Steve Lee

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Some fun games for Glass!

Mini-Games for Glass
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I am an educational researcher who wants to use Glass in classrooms so teachers can video their teaching. Who can I speak to about this idea?
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Steve Lee

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Testing out something new tonight. A "Glassware" app for Google Glass. Here's a sneak peek. #throughglass
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I had been thinking about that, as well.  It seems like a good way to enhance the stadium experience.  For loud stadiums, you could put the noise level and other statistics, as well.
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Steve Lee

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Glass just got a whole lot better for our customers who have an iPhone!
MyGlass app for iOS is now available

One more #glassupdate for you this week. You’ve been asking for it for months, you heard about it earlier this week, and now the MyGlass app for iOS is ready to download for real. The app connects with your Glass so you can screencast to your iOS device, use turn-by-turn directions, and manage your contacts and Glassware.

Download it from the App Store today:

And read more about it here:

Whew, what a week! In fact, you now have our updates for both December and January, as a little gift for the holidays. We'll see you again with more monthly #glassupdates in February.
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Want to be on a stage on 5 Feb and talk about it? in SF. Come on.....
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Steve Lee

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Exploring the world with +Google Glass

Just recently, I met this gentleman in the wilds beyond the desert. He was so curious and interested in Glass. Absolutely transfixed, he asked me everything about it, then tried it on and played and played and played!  He loved it!  

First I had him go through the same demo I give everyone.  I have them say, "Okay Glass, Take a picture" — it understands pretty much every accent around the world as far as I can tell. This always makes people freak out with excitement when they see the photo they just took floating as a hologram in front of their eyes.  

Then he started using it more and more, going through all my emails, watching videos, seeing my text messages, asking Google questions, checking weather... I mean it just went on and on and on... and then he started showing all his friends and telling them about it — he was so excited.  Naturally, he was happy for me to take his photo while he was playing!

We ended up talking about a bunch of different things.  I even bought an old used knife from him, and he showed me how to stick the curved end of it into a camel's hump to get water in an emergency.  There's another part of the knife you use to seal up the little puncture wound.  Then we talked about mediation, the sealing of the four cardinal spiritual doors in the night before entering the tent, different cultures around the world, and well, about a dozen other things.  Anyway, it was great... 

(btw after posting this, haha - I see that G+ automatically tagged it with Selfie!)
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Steve Lee

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Here, smell this truffle.

Roger at Zushi Puzzle #throughglass
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My phone doesn't have smell-o-vision yet. Is that a new Google Glass feature?
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Cute baby.
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I was thinking the same thing +Noble Ackerson. Lol 
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Project Glass: One day...

We believe technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't. A team within our Google[x]

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Had a flat tire. They provided excellent service, especially Nick.
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I live in San Francisco and had my and 2 others bikes shipped to Miles Ahead Cyclery. They received them, assembled them, and provided excellent service to us during our 1 week cycling vacation in Tucson. I couldn't be more happy with the friendly service and quality work they provided. Special shout out to Jeff, the owner, as he was fantastic! I'll definitely head to Miles Ahead Cyclery anytime I'm in Tucson in the future.
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