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Donations Used to Help Elementary School Students in Philippines
For everyone who trusted me and my contacts in the Philippines to deliver on our promises, I hope this message holds up our end of the bargain. All
the money I received ($265 USD) was transferred to Res, my former
host-brother in the Philippines. The fees...

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Funds Received in the Philippines
The money all you generous people donated has arrived in the Philippines. Every single penny ($265 US Dollars / 11,500 Philippine Pesos). My host brother, Res, used it to purchase school supplies for students in Eastern Samar. He is sending me photos from h...

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Fundraiser Details
As of now, this ride has raised $255 USD in direct donations. The money is being transferred from PayPal to Western Union, which will take a few days to reach the Philippines. The small PayPal fees and the larger Wester Union fees will be paid for, in full,...

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Safe in Alexandria, LA
203 miles down, 797 to go! The first two days were tough, but not too bad. I had a bit of a late start yesterday, and I had two flat tires today, so it's been 12 hours on the road each day. I'm staying in a house in Alexandria, LA tonight with the family of...

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Hitting the road in 18 hours! Was up late finishing some school work, so today is shopping, packing, hydrating... I'm feeling good about this.

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Doubt, then Inspiration
The days just before a solo expedition are always full of doubt, worry, and a bit of regret. That feeling of 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?' seems to come prematurely for me. Maybe it's a healthy dose of fear that keeps me safe, or perhaps I'm ju...

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Donations are Coming in!
Thank you, to those known and anonymous donors who have given some cash to help out. It always feels great when people give what they can to a really good cause. I've had a few questions asked of me about the money, so I will address them here: A direct don...

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Delaying One Day
I am almost certain I will be departing one day later than previously planned. I have been so busy this week and have fallen behind on some assignments that I think I'll need one more day to prep for the ride. I am juggling finals week in grad school and tr...

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Donation Links for Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief now available
Me and the Saplads in Calbayog City, Philippines, 2012 Living in the Philippines was often difficult. In fact, it was the most challenging time of my life. But my host family, the Saplads, always provided me with the love and humor that got me through the h...
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