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Green Step Stool
Folding Step Stool - Green Amazon Link About the Product: HEAVY DUTY Holds up to 350 lbs for strong support in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, garden and ,more FOLDABLE STEPPING STOOL Folds flat for easy storage 9 '' height ideal for saving space NO...

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Patella Strap
Patella Knee Strap website link About the Product: StabilityAce Patella Knee Strap Ideal for Relief of
Patellar Tendonitis, Irritated Kneecap and Osgood-Schlatter Disease Tubular Insert Provides Focused, Uniform Pressure to Help Guide the Patella One Size ...

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Energybits About the Product: Looking for a plant-based fuel that will supercharge your workouts, runs
or athletic performance? Want something fast, easy and healthy enough
that even kids can take it? Increased endurance, mental alertne...

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Posture Corrector
Yosoo Back Posture Corrector Amazon Link About the Product: STAND TALL & CONFIDENT: Yosoo Posture
Corrector With Perfect Correct Posture Brace for Women Men, Make Your
Hunched, Slouched Shoulders a thing of the past. Walk Tall & Strong
Instantly Build Co...

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Waist Trainer
Pelisy Breathable Waist Trainer Amazon Link About the Product: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane This waist belt is made of elastic material, it can tighten your waist to shape a hourglass figure. The height is 9.8 inch and it will
suit for your long torso. When...

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Solar Chinese Lanterns
GDEALERS Solar Chinese Lantern Lights Amazon Link About the Product: Water Resistant: These Chinese lanterns
balls are made from a water resistant nylon material that allows these
string lights to be used for indoor or outdoor application. Wide Use: Add a...

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Foam Roller
Live Infinitely Foam Roller Amazon Link About the Product: ✧Forward Thinking- We are the first to
introduce a completely redesigned, ultra functional muscle roller. Every
expert knows to not push direct on your spine, so we tested and
developed the Uniqu...

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Knee Injury! UGG! When there is pain! You try to ignore it because you want to continue doing what you do. You fear what a doctor will say. So you just "Walk It Off" until you can't anymore. Then you head to the doctors... Thanks for my adventures in doing ...

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New Cheer Season
A New Cheer Season and A New Gym June 1, 2016 We are over at East Carolina Cheerleading And Tumbling School, better known as ECCats in Winterville. This is our new home and we just love it! I'm coaching a Senior Level 2 team (Fierce Cats) currently and of c...

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Cheer Coach/Parent Team
Eastern Tumble and Cheer Coach and Parent Team - The Catastrophes! April 21, 2016 It's been a while since I have last posted. I've had some serious life changes going on since my last post, but that is neither here nor there. Lets talk about some fun! Cheer...
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