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Did I just spend 10 minutes giggling at things Zach Braff posted on reddit? yes. I did.   #noshame  

Dear beautiful day, 

Keep doing it.



skynyrd nation, y'all.

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Love that theatre! I live in uptown chicago because it reminds me of my old apartment in uptown minneapolis!

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+Mark Logsdon ! Are you as excited everyone else to be having Dinner With the Elams tonight?! I know +Scott Elam is excited! 8pm at iO if anyone else is interested.

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These guys really over analyze this bird video. Those birds got eaten by that jet engine. It's sad, but dudes...get over it. It's like they CAN'T BELIEVE the jet engine would just keep going if birds flew in there.

Diablo 3 is trending on google!!! I want to feel trendy #Diablo3
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