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The Village at Van Cleve Apartments

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Decorating Tips for Furnishing Small Apartments:

Just because your home is pint-sized doesn’t mean you have to live with pint-sized home decor. Try these apartment decorating ideas on for size, and you’ll find your small apartment has never looked bigger.
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3 Proven Methods for Improving Your Cell Phone Signal:

Not much is more frustrating than trying to use a cell phone with 1x reception. From broken sentences to incomplete words, the conversation is pretty much incomprehensible. You try everything to improve the signal. The most obvious thing to do is keep your phone charged because a full battery

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Why Renting is the Better Choice for Millennials:

You’ve probably heard: student debt is over $1.3 trillion. And, according to a report by CNBC, it’s “growing faster than the average salaries for recent graduates.”
For a borrower aged 20-30, the average monthly student loan payment is $351. That’s quite a bit,

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Begin Exercising at Your Apartment:

The best deals are those that involve getting the same product or service for a lower price. This is why exercising at home is best. No more gym rats. No more sweat-infused-axe-spray nausea. No more machine hogs.
Think about how much less effort you’ll have to put into preparation for the

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These Cities Cost Student Loan Borrowers Most:

Student debt is one of our country’s most pressing problems. As of this year, the total amount of student loan debt has reached $1.44 trillion. Paying back the average $37,000-plus loan will be a challenge for millions of students for decades to come. And for some more than others. This

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How to Discuss Clutter with Your Roommate:

If you’re living independently for the first time, with a roommate or significant other, you’ll encounter a universal problem: people organize their lives differently. What seems to be clutter to one person will be organized chaos to another. This problem may appear irresolvable to

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FORBES SportsMoney Index: Ranking Money in Sports:

Have you ever wondered who the highest paid athletes in all of sports are? Or the most valuable teams? The most influential brands? To answer these pressing questions of our time, Forbes compiled a unique index to track and rank money in sports.
Forbes describes the new index: “To create the

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Mottos of the Organized:

Don’t let your stuff own you
It’s easier said than done. Some people collect so much stuff throughout their lives, they have no idea what to do with it. So they keep it. Then have to pay for space to store it. And the problem just perpetuates itself. When you make financial decisions

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Conquer the Toxic Dust Hidden in Your Home:

Many of us don’t need a substantial push to swap harmful cleaning chemicals for less intrusive alternatives. Who likes dry, bleach-stained calloused hands anyway? As the dangers of indoor dust are well known, it’s becoming apparent the invisible, long term effects of our daily cleaning
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