CheapCast: The Resurrection of the Nexus Q

+Sebastian Mauer's CheapCast allows an Android device to act as a target for #chromecast  enabled applications. Android device == Nexus Q; chromecast enabled application ==   +Google Play  Music.

Connect your Nexus Q via USB to your computer. Make sure that USB debugging is on (via the Q app, Advanced settings).

> adb install cheapcast.apk  [see below]
> adb shell
shell@android:/$ am startservice at.maui.cheapcast/.service.CheapCastService

Now your Q'll be recognized as a target for any Chromecast enabled app, like Google Play Music. Use your device (I'm using my S4 GPE) to start and enjoy!

Here's the bespoke build (a bit different from the Google Play edition - it has the service exposed and autoboot for the service turned on):

v3.0 v3.5

+Joshua Woodward  - get ready to rock out.
+Google Chrome Developers  

The original, Google Play available version, is here:

Edit: All the XDA folks who put up a bounty? Please donate to Sebastian - grab the CheapCast app and hit the donate button!

#nexusq   #glassnext   #xda  
CheapCast and the Nexus Q
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