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He’s black. And he’s Muslim. Think that’s not hard enough? He’s gay. Think that’s still not hard enough? He’s an Imam. And he loves life.
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Shane Menshik originally shared to Android:
For those wondering how to setup nicknames for your contacts when using voice actions in google now.


OK Google... Phyllis is my mom
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I wanted to add a quote from the movie, but I'd end up writing out Chris Knight and Jordan's parts of the script.
An examination of the greatest geek campus comedy ever, Real Genius, and why it still holds up better than most college films 30 years on.
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Do Tolkien's languages have these type of compound words?
Yonatan Zunger originally shared to Today I Learned::
The most common kind of compound word is what's called "endocentric:" it includes the thing that it is. So a houseboat is a kind of boat; a shoe salesman is a kind of salesman; a whoremonger is a kind of monger. (That being an old word for a dealer or trader) The second most common is "exocentric:" made out of nouns and adjectives, but not including the thing that it is. (e.g., a loudmouth is not a kind of mouth, but a kind of person.)

This is all about a third category: exocentric compounds that are built out of verbs, which describe what the thing does. +Brianne Hughes  wrote her master's thesis on these, where she named them "cutthroat compounds," after such an example: A cutthroat is someone who cuts throats.

These are surprisingly rare in English, but are common among kids: apparently, children go through a phase where they spontaneously generate lots of these, and then stop.

This is what's called a "productive" grammar: you can make up new ones and people will understand you, so if I call someone a lack-faith or Bob Stealhorse people will understand me. But they don't fit naturally into English grammar, because English is what's called a "head-initial" language: you tend to put the most significant part of a phrase or sentence first. Since English verbs have to go before their objects, this gets it backwards; it sounds like more natural English to call someone "faithless" or a "horse-thief." That's why, apart from a few cases which happened to survive, English has relatively few cutthroat compounds.

But the few we keep are pretty great, and tend to be very evocative: a sawbones, a killjoy, a slingshot. (And some, like "breakfast," become so common that we even forget that they're compound words) Apparently they dominantly fall into three categories: occupational names, local nature-words, and insults.

What it says about us that we primarily use these especially colorful compounds to describe just what we think of one another, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

h/t +Laura Gibbs.
The following post was excerpted from Sentence First: An Irishman's blog about the English language. A houseboat is a type of boat; a boathouse is a type of house. This illustrates a common pattern in English morphology: the rightmost part of a compound (houseboat) is usually the ‘head’. In other...
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Examples from Quenya: Hirilonde 'Haven-finder', Turambar 'Doom-conqueror'
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This looks to be a promising series about tooling for webdev.

First up, Submlime Text plugins (the "tinder of plugin modules")
JS linter - jshint
JSCS - javascript styleguide conformance (also )
ColorHighlighter - show css colors in ide
AutoFileName - autofills the filename you might be typing in (like in css url() refs)

Would love to a list of their top ten plugins (plugin fight!) with configs, including themes :)

Looking forward to talking with +Addy Osmani and +Matt Gaunt  stateside, soon!

(and the ttt site - coming soon at: (thanks to Matt's comment, below))

#chrome   #webdev   #sublime  
+Addy Osmani thinks Sublime Plugins can be a bit like Tinder. Find out what plugins he and +Matt Gaunt swipe right for in the first episode of #TotallyToolingTips (a new show covering the latest in web tooling)!

If you’re at #io15 don’t forget to say hi. Addy and Matt will be presenting at the Polymer Web Starter Kit and Material Design Lite talks.
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Thanks, Matt!
Build issues! Not to make light, but that'd be a great topic, too - what goes into your build (yeoman or something custom) and common problems. Lemonade! :) 
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Yonatan Zunger originally shared to Brief Dispatches:
A group of researchers has built a way to mine the giant corpora of pictures people have posted publicly (on sites like Picasa and Flickr) and build time-lapse images of landmarks. This involves huge technical challenges of identifying landmarks, building 3D models of them, stabilizing the images, and normalizing the motion and lighting -- and so far, they've managed to find over 20,000 such images, showing everything from changing seasons, to building construction, to moving glaciers.

They've made a video showing off their favorites: You can read the paper at , and hopefully they'll soon have a way to see all their results.

h/t +Nate Koechley 
There are a zillion digital photos in the public domain and scientists have just figured out something very cool to do with them. A team from Google and
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GoT the musical!
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Blast from the Past (for Googlers; this has never before been seen outside Google)
Batman Tech Lead. Batman's complete knowledge of the entire Protocol Buffers code base allows him to quickly design and implement improvements to the system as well as quickly identify problems when they come up. Batman tries to maintain a high standard in design "cleanliness" so that the code ...
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June 5th a livestreamed hands on hack event with Android... you can attend from home!

Try out the new Android features announced at Google I/O while getting help from Google engineers.
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Would anyone in GDG NoCo be interested in attending a viewing party in Loveland? I am considering hosting one.
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Can't attend I/O? Have a googler be your remote eyes and ears!
Use #io15request to ask us anything you’d like to know about I/O 2015

If you’re interested in details about what’s going on at I/O 2015 ( but you won’t be at the show in-person, we’ve got you covered with the fourth annual #io15request program. On May 28-29, you can send your requests to our team about anything related to Google I/O 2015 and we'll do our best to get your questions answered live from Moscone. Even if it requires moonwalking (!

How does it work?
-- To put in a request during I/O (May 28-29), all you need to do is create a public Google+ or Twitter post from your profile using the hashtag #io15request. We’ll only be able to reply to requests written in English, French and German.
-- Our team of Google Community Managers will track down answers to your requests, mentioning you in the post so you don’t miss it. 
-- If you’re curious to see what others are requesting, follow our Google+ Collection ( (where we’ll be collecting all responses posted on Google+) or search for #io15request on either Google+ or Twitter. 

The team 
This year we have 15 members of the Google Community Manager Team standing by to fulfill your requests on a variety of products and languages:

English requests:
-- Android: +Orrin Hancock & +Paul Wilcox  
-- Chrome: +Kameron Kitajima 
-- Google Cast: +Jacky Hayward 
-- ChromeOS: +Todd Zabel 
-- Docs and Drive: +Arille Jeriza Virrey 
-- Gmail: +Andy Bravo & +Jordan Esparza 
-- Google+: +Justine Rivero 
-- Google Play: +Amanda Brodman 
-- Hangouts: +Chris Wong
-- Maps: +Abby DeBellis & +Alice Justman 

French requests:
-- +Jade Bessiere  

German requests:
-- +Moritz Tolxdorff

Note that we’ll only be replying to requests about and related to this year's I/O posted between May 28 and 29, 2015 - so please wait until I/O begins to start sending in your questions.

#io15request #io15
O hai #io13   #request -ers! Check out +Divya Vishwanath, +Melissa Daniels, and me moonwalking in front of this year's +Google Chrome booth. +Joshua… - Jacky Hayward - Google+
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An ordained minister pleaded guilty to threatening to burn down a New York town full of Muslims. Where's the FBI presser and Fox News panic?
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Goodness - what a nutjob.
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#3 - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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Exploring investing without too much hassle.

Convergence Watch Face

Convergence is a Material themed watch face for your Android Wear device. Time elements move as you move... because they can. Customization:

Great and responsive customer service, thorough work, very knowledgeable and personable staff that made me feel very comfortable and confident about parts of my house I very rarely look at. Thanks!
Public - 3 months ago
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Anthony SR did a thorough A/C checkup, cleaning filters, and checking pressures on the unit outside. Very professional and explained everything that he did really well - I know more about my system now! A really great interaction. Thanks!
Public - 11 months ago
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Wonderful family restaurant with superb food (we had two pizzas, the margherita and the four cheese pear - fresh shaved pears!).
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
It's great to meet the people who create these custom-made, recycled and waste-reduced bags and accessories. Great quality products and really personable staff. The warehouse/factory/store is a bit out of the way but very worth it. I truly enjoyed seeing where my bag was born and meeting everyone.
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25 reviews
As expat Chicagoans, including this one, will attest Paxti's is no slouch - this is the real deal and ranks up there with such native joints as Due's and Carmen's.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Fantastic tiny place with big food and a daily menu.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Great classy Mexican fare with wonderful local ambiance. Nice, fresh everything - guac, salsa, and daily fish tacos. We didn't have to wait too long, but there was a line. From the wait list, bar and waitress, the staff was attentive and helpful.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago