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An open letter to the managers and maintainers of Google+:

It has recently come to my attention that, in addition to trialing the opening of Google+ this week, you have also taken a tenuous stance against the use of pseudonyms on this service. While I respect your stance against spam and other malicious activity, your removal of users purely because they're using pseudonyms is deeply alarming and counter to the healthy adoption of your service.

Indeed, many users have flocked to Google+ in lieu of Facebook, myself included, precisely because we do not need to tie our real world identities to our thoughts or ideas. Many of us have legitimate reasons for requiring this level of protection, from those of us whom are concerned about malicious use of your sharing tools to activists wishing to use your service to spread messages that might otherwise not be heard. Indeed, your seemingly taking a stance against anonymity is extremely bizarre, and I hope that once more information comes to light and as policies are clarified, you do not do so.

Of my existing circles, more than half of the people I am sharing with and receiving shared items from have chosen some form of a pseudonym. Removing these parties or forcing them from the service for privacy concerns would significantly erode the quality of signal in my feeds, and as I would speculate, servicewide. I believe this runs counter to your goals, as it would force a marked exodus from your service as effectively as the invention of Google+ did for Facebook.

Finally, forcing me from a name that I've used for over five years makes this decision personal. I believe in the idea of your service strongly enough that, should I be forced from it, I will do everything in my power to replicate it or render it obsolete. And I am not alone. Free flow of information rooted in ideas, not society's misconstrued concept of "real identities," should be preserved at all costs. It's natural, and most importantly, it works.

I challenge you either to not devalue your service or to suspend my account to clarify your stance, signaling that you are unable to protect our identities. I currently give you much more credit than this.
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