Galaxy Nexus & ICS

Things I like:
Bright, crisp, sharp screen - especially text & watching HD video
A pleasant shape to hold
More intuitive UI
Ability to set the phone up to force StrictMode & visually display results
Plug it into my PC, and I can see the device filesystem
Integrated tips & explanations
The welcome email with links to help videos
The speedy Gallery (Nexus One gallery was painfully slow)
Fast camera
Market is very usable & slick, and apps install very fast
The much improved widgets & shortcuts interface
The kerning on the wifi/network icons top-right
The soothing colour scheme
The static set of four launcher icons
The permanent search box, with voice
The slimmed down and rotating Back/Home/Running icons

Things I don't like:
Getting Google Apps & Device Policy working was a PITA, took half an hour of tinkering to get my work emails on the device
When it asked me to provide my name as the phone's owner, it put the keyboard in numeric mode (!)
Scrolling still not as smooth as iOS devices
Camera picture quality doesn't seem to be much better than the Nexus One
The price
The pathetic excuse for a "launch". Lots of time on the phone to actually find one to buy.
Battery life looks poor. I managed to use 15% of the battery in one hour
The weird fuzzyness on flat areas of screen colour - I assume pentile artefacts
The fact that a lot of buttons now are just text in a subtle outline. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is a title (not tappable) and what's a button. I should perhaps reserve judgement here, but it does seem odd to lose that "touch here, I'm a button!" cue.
No quad-core CPU, SD card

Overall my impression after the first few hours is very positive. It's a joy to have all this gorgeous glossy screen real estate to use especially when it's so responsive.
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