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Galaxy Nexus & ICS

Things I like:
Bright, crisp, sharp screen - especially text & watching HD video
A pleasant shape to hold
More intuitive UI
Ability to set the phone up to force StrictMode & visually display results
Plug it into my PC, and I can see the device filesystem
Integrated tips & explanations
The welcome email with links to help videos
The speedy Gallery (Nexus One gallery was painfully slow)
Fast camera
Market is very usable & slick, and apps install very fast
The much improved widgets & shortcuts interface
The kerning on the wifi/network icons top-right
The soothing colour scheme
The static set of four launcher icons
The permanent search box, with voice
The slimmed down and rotating Back/Home/Running icons

Things I don't like:
Getting Google Apps & Device Policy working was a PITA, took half an hour of tinkering to get my work emails on the device
When it asked me to provide my name as the phone's owner, it put the keyboard in numeric mode (!)
Scrolling still not as smooth as iOS devices
Camera picture quality doesn't seem to be much better than the Nexus One
The price
The pathetic excuse for a "launch". Lots of time on the phone to actually find one to buy.
Battery life looks poor. I managed to use 15% of the battery in one hour
The weird fuzzyness on flat areas of screen colour - I assume pentile artefacts
The fact that a lot of buttons now are just text in a subtle outline. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is a title (not tappable) and what's a button. I should perhaps reserve judgement here, but it does seem odd to lose that "touch here, I'm a button!" cue.
No quad-core CPU, SD card

Overall my impression after the first few hours is very positive. It's a joy to have all this gorgeous glossy screen real estate to use especially when it's so responsive.
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Things I'm most looking forward too with ICS: The soothing blue theme and the icon kerning that you mentioned.

Also looking forward to getting rid of the lagfest that is TouchWiz on the Tab 10.1.
I can't see any way to get to Settings in Facebook. It also looks like Twitter contact sync isn't working on one of my twitter accounts. Many contacts, from different sources, are not correctly merging. Messy contacts ensue.
what fb settings are you after? i don't recall the app having settings.
Facebook does have Settings, available via the menu, at the top level. But no menu button in the app on ICS
interesting. usually you'll see "..." on the button bar if there are settings but not for the fb app. #fail
Yup. Weird, huh. I wonder if it's the OS or the app that broke.
Jealous, I'm going to try and find one tomorrow... but I doubt I will find one.
Thanks for your feedback. I am happy that none of ur negatives (dislikes) are showstopper for me to keep me from buying my next sexy nexy :)
I'm finding the battery life is a real problem. Yesterday 80% of the charge was gone in five hours of intermittent usage. It's obvious that to get through a day this phone needs two batteries which is very poor indeed. I'd rather it were twice the thickness and lasted a full day.
The browser crashes sometimes. I hit a link, the browser opens and then sometimes spontaneously exits silently. Dolphin just ANRs constantly so unusable. That said when the browser works it's far faster than my Nexus One. Browsing is fun again.
Quick question for those with a GN: What WiFi standards does it support? The official website just says 'WIFI'

+Ollie Cornes My SGS2 and 10.1 does that horrible silent crash with the browser. Only ever seen it on Samsung devices.
Not sure on wifi standards. I just run G here.

Thankfully the browser crash is fairly rare but seems to be certain pages that set it off.
Yeah I find it's certain websites that do it.
I can't wait for ICS on my devices, TouchWiz is so 'meh'.
My 3.1 Tab already seems rather dated. ICS is lovely.
I really love it when you install apps that behave oddly with ICS. My favourite so far is ADWLauncher EX. Btw, can you grab a screenshot with your GN? Pressing the power button and volume down button doesn't do it for me.
Yeah, I use my Tab daily but TouchWiz makes it look very laggy / dated even compared to a 3.2 Xoom.

I hope someone cooks up a stock ICS build for the 10.1 soon!
Another minor gripe - no accessories. I particularly need a desktop dock and a car dock, but I'm not seeing any for sale in the UK.
That was always the problem with the N1. Accessories were rare in the UK and a tad expensive.
The CM guys makes the OEMs look like incompetent morons. It'll be great having ICS on the Tab. I really like ICS, it's a big step forward in usability and friendliness.
Yeah, ICS on the 10.1 will be so awesome. Mainly because the TouchWiz 3.1 firmware is shoddy.
Seeing that cyanogen now works for Samsung hopefully that will change. 
I am still waiting for release in the US patiently. I got the Motorola Razr for my wife which is amazing, fast very thin (though wide) but the screen is crappy pentile though very bright etc. and of course it doesn't have ICS.. yet. I am thinking the nexus will be just too big for me and if it doesnt have a car dock at launch then that will be an automatic lose for me.
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