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I think it’s cool and I totally want to ride it but, I feel like this would be a waste of a roller coaster.

I can’t help but think since you are already wearing a VR headset, all the rest of the “rush” could be achieved by one of those motion simulator things. Plus I’m sure that would cost a lot less than constructing an entire roller coaster not to mention the flexibility you get with being able to change the dynamics of the ride.
Six Flags' new VR coaster is terrifying in the best way.

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that Zello Overlay thou!
You know how sometimes it disappears? Yeah, I think I fixed that! Plus you can use it when screen is locked! I uploaded an update and it should be available to beta testers soon.
Animated Photo

Going from 1.99.1 to 1.100.0 pretty much means it was a minor update. Having said that, NEVER question another developer's version numbering methodology.

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#Maythe4thBeWithYou while you're presenting. Introducing Slides Q&A, a laser pointer & more:

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Must we remind of exchanges existing so long ago?
Would we arrive at agreeable musings
Sentimental or just confusing
We lost what we had but we took it back
Friends in the gutter, enjoy one another
Just give yourself to the dust and the dirt where you stand

What will I see, tonight in these eyes
And what will i know when the morning comes?

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Happy #Festivus

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#IngressFantasyFootball #late

Current Standings - Week 12
^1. +Eric X =
^2. +Andrew Krug =
^3. +Jeffrey Sanders =
^4. +Michael Mangi =
^5. +Niko M =
6. +Ron Overby =
7. +Chris Maulden =
8. +Daniel Musto =
9. +Zach Barrett +2
10. +Kate Ballard +2
11. +Jonathan Fitzwater -1
12. +Taber Andrew Bain -3
13. +Mike Heeringa =
14. +Nate M =
15. +Steven Hirnickel =
16. +Rick Willis =

^ = clinched playoff spot

#ingress #FantasyFootball +Ingress
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