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Found the source on a private gaming forum, so grab it fast while it's open from so use these Hay Day cheats only when you need them or if the game progress isn't as fast as you'd wish to, or else you will get bored of the game fast.

The solution provided here is fully reliable, works like a charm without any complicated setup procedure because all you have to do is click a button and is undetectable by the server. No other player or the game developer will be able to detect that you have been using hay day cheats to buy coins, unlock new levels and flourish your cattle like no one else could.

With a detailed trade in system, the game encourages you to be in touch with your friends. By making good use of the hay day cheats provided here, you will not only be able to become a landlord but can sell items to your friends for cheap money or directly trade cash so that they can build an empire. You don't have to rely on seeds taking weeks to grow before being able to sell them or to milk the cattle regularly to earn money in pennies.
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