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Seeing is believing!
5 min video recreates the 1970s experiments showing plants react to the thoughts of human beings (nobody understands how) - some even call this telepathy between plants and humans.

The Secret Life of Plants (1973) is a book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, described as "A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man."


Random number, color or message experiment with a friend or relative ► just ask your friend to be receptive and send him some words and have him figure out what it was.  You may have to repeat the word many times (more than 2 minutes, for newbies, it may need 10-30 minutes even) before he can tell you what you TELEPATHIZED to him (you can do it in the same room or over the phone, but both need to be very relaxed).  You can also do it within a 24 hour span, with his permission of course, and then he has to guess the hour it was sent and what the message was.  There are many ways to do it. 

Color Experiment to prove Telepathy to Yourself: (this is proof for a more subtle form of telepathy, one between you and spirit guides - not between 2 living people)

Number Experiment to prove Telepathy to Yourself:  (this is proof for a more subtle form of telepathy, one between you and spirit guides - not between 2 living people)

Note - these experiments take time to accomplish, you cannot just in a normal state guess the numbers in 1 minute, you need to enter a state of union with the unified field of infinite compassion ► Some can do it in 2 minutes, others (most) take much longer.  You need to be totally certain this is the number/color when you made the choice and have confidence in your perceptions and why it is that choice. explains more about habits that enhance telepathy. 


Nandana telepathic skills are detailed at ►

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

human-animal telepathy


TELEPORTATION of small objects  ► and

Teleportation techniques and habits that promote telepathy and teleportation ►

Pansini Boys Teleportation

Quantum Action may happen at 10000 times the speed of light

MEDITATION (or contemplative prayer as some call it) helps with Telepathy:  ► Crown overflow of cosmic energy (perhaps divine energy if you like those terms) during meditation (the ultimate bliss type of experience, way beyond anything else humans experience) ►

For more on astral travel and how it relates to telepathy,  see

Meditation (and telepathy practice) makes us more compassionate and kinder ► Only the more compassionate people can be very effective at telepathy, as the field only opens itself to those people.
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Very interesting!
very strong reincarnation case: Bruce Kelly recalls under hypnosis his exact past life name James Edward Johnston, birth date, jobs, habits and drowning in the U.S.S. Shark submarine as a World War II sailor - clip also has the filmed encounter of his former relatives and house - with his visual recognition of surroundings.

Bruce Kelly suffered from three overpowering phobias—a fear of flying, a fear of enclosed spaces, and a fear of water.  Over the years, Bruce tried several different treatments for his anxieties, but nothing worked.  In desperation, he went to Rick Brown, a hypnotherapist who specializes in past-life regression:

“Probably 99% of the people who come to me do not go into past lives.  Probably only 1% of the people have spontaneous regressions when working with phobias.  And Bruce did have a spontaneous regression to a past life.” 

Much to his surprise, Bruce learned that his deep, irrational fears were the result of traumas that occurred years before he was born.  During one session, Bruce was thrust into the life of an American sailor named James Edward Johnston. 

Bruce said that Johnston had drowned in a submarine, the U.S.S. Shark, during World War II.  He even named the man trapped with Johnston in the submarine, Walter Pilgram.
Bruce told Rick Brown that Johnston and Pilgram had both died at precisely 11:34 PM on February 11, 1942. Bruce recalled details that were vivid and specific:

“The memories were just like it was something that happened yesterday.  They were very close to the surface.  They came up real easily.  At first it was like I was just making it up, like this really can’t be happening.  This really can’t be real.  I have to be making this up.  And I went to the library, more to prove that it didn’t happen than it did happen.”

Incredibly, Bruce found that the very first American sub lost in the war was the U.S.S. Shark.  It was the same submarine Bruce had named under hypnosis.

Over the next six months, Bruce Kelly saw Rick Brown on an average of once a week.  With each session, more details on the life of James Edward Johnston emerged.  In time, Rick Brown talked to Bruce as if he was James Edward Johnston.

Bruce saw himself as Johnston at age 12.  He was at his mother’s deathbed.  A young cousin named Elizabeth stood with him.

Other memories were trivial.  As Johnston, Bruce recalled that he always ate the end pieces from a loaf of bread.

In another session, Bruce remembered that Johnston was born in February of 1921.  As a young man, he enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps, a depression-era government work program.  The year was 1938.  The place, Tule Lake, California.

Bruce and Rick began to research Johnston’s life, and Bruce’s memories checked out with remarkable accuracy.  James Johnston had been in the CCC in 1938 and 1939, stationed at Tule Lake, near the California-Oregon border.  And his birth certificate confirmed that Johnston was indeed born in February 1921.

Rick Brown was more than impressed by Bruce’s recollections:

“Bruce came up with a significant amount of information that was well past being coincidental.  There were too many lines of… evidence that pointed to the fact that Bruce Kelly is the reincarnation of James Edward Johnston.”

In April of 1993, five years after first being hypnotized, Bruce decided to visit Johnston’s hometown in Jacksonville, Alabama.  At the house where Johnston and his mother had lived, Bruce experienced a strong reaction:

“Moving to the side of the house when I could actually see the bedroom and I knew that was the bedroom, that’s when the feelings really started hitting.  Remembering that he used to have to come in on the back street and come through the back door, the back porch, I remember that.  I remember the feelings of, kind of feeling like a second-class citizen.  They were poor. She was unmarried.”

Afterward, Bruce Kelly met with several people who remembered James Johnston as a boy.  One of them was Johnston’s cousin, Elizabeth “Betty” Watson.  Bruce believed she was the same Elizabeth he saw under hypnosis—the little girl who was with James Johnston when his mother died.

Bruce then visited the Jacksonville cemetery where a memorial stone has been erected in honor of James Edward Johnston.  No one knows the details of Johnston’s death, but Bruce Kelly’s visions provide a possible scenario.

According to Bruce, the U.S.S. Shark was hit by enemy fire.  In his final moments, Bruce envisioned both Johnston and Pilgram struggling in the corridor of the submarine.  The two sailors would both drown.

For more reincarnation cases, see over 400 of them at  A lot of famous cases on CNN, NBC, BBC have been investigated deeper due to a million dollar grant someone gave to University of Virginia School of Medicine to study reincarnation within the Division of Perceptual Studies ( Hopefully, more Universities will have research programs like these due to inspired donors. :)   World Peace will arrive faster when people realize we live more than once and karma exists.  A life is not enough to learn everything. :)  People recall details they could not have known, often have same birth marks as the injuries of former person, sometimes the same habits, same accent, same walking style, same likes.  :)
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Cats and dogs are often seen as natural enemies but dogs and cats can often live very
happily in the same family.
Cats and dogs can be friends but they need to be introduced
under supervision and any cats or dogs
do not get on need to be kept separate.
your dog has an uncontrollable
prey drive towards cats
, especially kittens,
then you
cannot have cats in the
same house, they would be at risk and your cat would live in
Some breeds of dog are known to have a high prey drive such as huskies,
racer greyhounds
and collies.
If your dog is of this type then you will need to
be very careful
about introducing a cat to your household.
Unless you know that the
dog is good with cats it may be too risky to consider bringing a cat into your home.
Some cats are always going
to be uncomfortable around dogs, usually if they have had a
bad experience
with them
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Proud 2 b Girl :-)
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Don't let the difficulties you face in life bog you down. Move on.
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