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Mayuri Patel
love cooking, movies, reading, being a Lion (Lions Club) and travelling.
love cooking, movies, reading, being a Lion (Lions Club) and travelling.

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spicy pumpkin yeast bread
Spicy Pumpkin Yeast Bread #Bread Bakers still learning   Do you write down everything in a diary to remind you what has to be done on which day? Do you still belong to the old school where its written and not on your mobile? I am, as I really cannot trust t...

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The 93rd theme for #FoodieMonday Bloghop group is #SummerFruits. Avocados are in abundance right now so I decided to make a Chocolate Avocado Pudding.... vegan,if you use nut milk, soy milk or coconut milk and maple syrup or agave nectar.

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648. Chocolate Avocado Pudding
A big green berry       Yes you read the title correct. Botanically speaking an avocado is a berry and thus classified as a fruit. It is a single berry fruit. There is much confusion as to whether it is a summer fruit or spring and nowadays its available in...

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Fantastical Food Fight theme for May was Cherry Cobbler.
I made a cherry cobbler parfait

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647. Cherry Cobbler Parfait
Precious Cherries     For the month of May,  the Fantastical Food Fight theme was Cherry Cobbler. As I read that, I thought here's another month I'll have to sit out (last month was BLT and being a vegetarian B was certainly out for me). I asked if I could ...

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My 10th Guest on the blog... my sister in law made some delicious flavourful paneer dum biryani

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646.Paneer Dum Biryani
Guest No.10          I was supposed to post this last week but the whole schedule got messed up. I had some posts that had to b live on certain dates (that's what happens when you're in too many groups!) and problems with the internet. It rained a lot last ...

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A great sauce or dip to serve as mezze (appetizer) with anything.

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645. Tzatziki
Where is my dahi?     Dahi is the hindi/gujarati word for yogurt. When my kids were growing up, yogurt was a part of their meal every single day. Plain yogurt or made into lassi but mostly good old plain home made yogurt . Dollops of the thick creamy goodne...

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Happy Mother's Day
A few weeks back, I was thinking of my mum and obviously missing her tonnes. I wanted the approaching Mother's Day to be less painful. Now don't get me wrong my kids (from 3 now I have 5 :) ) all shower me with lots of love. I thought why not get some of my blogger friends to celebrate this day with me. Its amazing how much closer we all have become and most of us poured our hearts out and each ones recipe is somehow, somewhere connected to their mothers. I approached 25 and 16 responded with enthusiasm and sent heartfelt messages. So here's what each of them shared for Mother's Day.
Please check out the link to read the special messages
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