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Don't be left behind, try out the newest in technology... FIRE!

Satisfaction guaranteed :)

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What a great idea! A plush book that teaches basic comp sci concepts to toddlers. I backed it, you should too. :)

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+Laura Gibbs I need some Latin help. I love Cicero's "cui bono?" and I want a similar Latin phrase that means "How can I benefit?"—i.e. given a situation, how can I turn it to my advantage? Is there such a saying? Thanks in advance!

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Ruthy's first Powerlifting meet. Woo hoo!
Here's a video of the most recent powerlifting meet I attended. 

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Whatever you're doing today, please take a moment to remember Eugene P. Seski. Half a century ago, on March 18, 1965, Gene (as he was known to friends and family[1]) managed to prevent what could have been greater loss of life by heroically flipping his truck full of bananas during a fatal descent into Scranton, PA.

The story was immortalized in Harry Chapin's 1974 song 30,000 Pounds of Bananas.

From Wikipedia[2]:

"On March 18, 1965, a 35-year-old truck driver, Eugene P. Seski,was on his way to deliver a load of bananas to Scranton, Pennsylvania... For some reason, probably failure of its brake system, the truck cruised into Scranton at approximately 90 mi (140 km) an hour, sideswiping a number of cars before it crashed (probably as a direct result of Seski deliberately flipping it over to avoid killing any pedestrians or motorists, or striking an automotive service station on Moosic Street that, had it been struck, would have exploded in flames and caused greater loss of life), killing Seski himself and spilling bananas everywhere when the rig came to rest."


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One step closer to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

"We demonstrate that a novel algorithm called a deep Q-network (DQN) is up to this challenge, excelling not only at Breakout but also a wide variety of classic videogames: everything from side-scrolling shooters (River Raid) to boxing (Boxing) and 3D car racing (Enduro). Strikingly, DQN was able to work straight “out of the box” across all these games – using the same network architecture and tuning parameters throughout and provided only with the raw screen pixels, set of available actions and game score as input."

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Visualizing Hold'em Hands

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"You know me so well!"
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