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That doesn't look too good to me.
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I'm an individual with a Google Apps for Business account and here is what my Terms of Service say:

Intellectual Property Rights; Brand Features.7.1 Intellectual Property Rights. Except as expressly set forth herein' this Agreement does not grant either party any rights' implied or otherwise' to the other's content or any of the other's intellectual property. As between the parties' Customer owns all Intellectual Property Rights in Customer Data' and Google owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services.

Good enough for me.
Well at the very least, the two terms of service agreements contradict each other. Are you assuming that all Google products will offer to customers the same protections as all other Google products--even if a second Google product explicitly states otherwise? Maybe they would... I don't think they are conspiring to steal IP rights. I just think it doesn't sound good.
Bad enough. I'm an audio engineer. From time to time, I receive recordings from others (via one of several drop box services), mix them, then repost to the cloud for the client to retrieve. As such, I don't own the copyright to the material--and any service which even has a hint that the server-owner might be able to re-use the material must be immediately dropped from my list.

Sorry Google--remove any reference to you being able to use stored material for any purpose or I cannot consider even trying your service.
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