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Professional hacker of memes


I've been gone for some time now, but now I'm back and I'll be popping in here occasionally to post, comment, and +1 stuff. There might not be a Windows 10 G+ app yet, but there's ways of getting around that (including Chrome). So I won't be so absent, any more than G+ is "dead"...

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I'm totally stealing this idea for a song. #FAWM

Via +Jerry Erickson on Facebook

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Methinks it's time to revive this Community again.

Burr has just reset the #FAWM site. We're live for 2016.

Let's do this!

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Once again science jumps ahead of science fiction...

Via +Darryl Barnes
A machine that clones objects into holographic images that people can actually touch has been created. "Place an object in one box, and a hologram of the object appears in another box. You can gently touch the hologram and it will react to your touch, which you can feel."

"The system concentrates ultrasound energy at the intersections of the real and clone objects, which creates pressure to the real objects. If the 'real object' is your finger, you feel contact force from the 3D clone object by the ultrasonic radiation pressure. At the same time, the same forces are applied to the original real object (of the clone) in the other workspace. The posture and the shape of the hand can be arbitrary."

"The difference of Haptoclone interaction from actual contact is the displayed force is limited to about 100mN per square centimeter or less and the value is decided arbitrarily. Besides, the force direction is basically normal to the surface. But produced contact positions and areas are faithfully controlled on the object, which can produce realistic tactile sensation in some classes of contact."

"It realizes various telehaptic experiences. Though a literal 'handshake' is impossible since the produced force is weak, it is possible to stroke the hand of the other side and lightly touch each other freely at arbitrary parts of the hand, sharing the haptic sensation. Stroked by a clone hand, you feel existence of multiple fingers as well as where you are touched. In some modified manners, haptic communication as a handshake and high-fived can be achieved."

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No enemies to the Right, eh? Not even for the GOP token black guy and token female?


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Looks suspiciously like jihadi suicide videos. Separated at birth? #OregonUnderAttack

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Short version: we don't need the Skywalkers ruling (and ruining) the galaxy like in the now noncanonical Expanded Universe. One more is more than enough (and if you've watched The Force Awakens you know who he is).

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No surprise. And they're only making it worse. #gopfail

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I've done this to myself more than once.
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