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Poet,truthseeker and friend

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A haiga ( haiku/senryu + artwork)
published in Prune Juice 2015

absent friends ...
the way the addict
spins a story

Brendon Kent
haiku & artwork (c) 2015 Brendon Kent

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Thank you +Kaleidoscope​​​ for a wonderful image.

This hokku/haiku/ shahai is about that moment when your son becomes a man...that feeling of drifting apart and his need to leave the nest for new adventures.
A bitter-sweet moment.
Although it is a process you are aware will happen, when it does it seems so sudden!

A hokku is the origin of haiku, the starting verse of a longer collaborated poem called a renga or renku.
Basho removed this starting verse to stand-alone beginning the trend for haiku (although it was only named haiku after Shiki introduced the name in the late 1800's!)

With this form of poetry the reader must read between the lines, the unsaid, to expand the meaning...why would the poet mention the flight of geese, does it show kigo, a seasonal reference? Why geese? Why 'straight to the point'? What were the son's words?
Then, as it's a shahai (photo-haiku), can you see the unsaid link to the picture...

Basho once said that a haiku (hokku) should only give about 20% of its information by the haijin (haiku poet) and leave the rest for the reader...

my son's words
straight to the point --
the flight of geese

(c) 2017 Brendon Kent

*I'm not sure who's been tagged as I should imagine everyone has by now!
If a moderator would be so kind as to tag a few if needed, I would be eternally grateful as my time right now is so limited...

Peace to all


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Here we are again! Great fun this week with the theme: Lost in Translation
Always thrilled to appear with my haiku buddies!
Haiku in the Workplace edited by Jim Kacian!

raised eyebrows
the greeting
I thought I said

Brendon Kent

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Again thrilled to be with friends in this week's Haiku in the Workplace edited by Jim Kacian on behalf of The Haiku Foundation...
theme: Interns & Trainees

a red apple --
mother's note in the new
boy's lunchbox

Brendon Kent

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Please consider supporting Presh from Nigeria in his endeavour to publish his poetry collection...any support would be awesome!☺

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Thrilled again to be included in Jim Kacian's 'Haiku in the Workplace' with so many friends...!
Theme: The Commute

a sea of faces
waving through portholes
school bus

Brendon Kent

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Thrilled to be in great company again!☺
Theme: retirement

retirement party
the urge to put on my
comfortable shoes

Brendon Kent

The enjambment on L2 works as it is picking up musicality from 'party' i.e.
...........put on my

It's not something I would usually advise!☺

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My entry this week for Haiku in the Workplace edited by Jim Kacian is again in great company with so many talented friends!

Theme: balancing work with life

into night mode

Brendon Kent

This haiku could have many interpretations..including a soldier's apprehension...soldiering is a job too after all!☺

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European Quarterly Kukai #16 winter 2016
- haiku/senryu/haiga -

city traffic
ants in and out
of a sparrow

Brendon Kent

(c) 2016 Brendon Kent
words and image

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Again thrilled to be included!

Haiku in the Workplace by Jim Kacian
Theme: The Post-Holiday Season Jan 2017

first morning
the fog in my coffee
dreams an office

Brendon Kent
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