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Tom Piccirilli, my good friend and a terrific writer, underwent surgery yesterday to remove a tennis ball-sized tumor from his brain. According to his wife, Michelle Scalise, Tom is out of surgery and recovering in the ICU. At last report, he was joking with the nurses and in fine spirits.

Like many full-time writers, Tom does not have medical insurance and is not independently wealthy. If you are interesting in helping him out, there are a couple of ways you can do so. His niece has set up an indiegogo page where people can donate directly, and while it has surpassed its original goal, the amount is still a small percentage of what will undoubtedly be an astronomical bill for the surgery and subsequent chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Another way to help is to buy Tom's books. Crossroads Press, run by David N. Wilson, is one of Tom's publishers and has made an incredibly generous offer on his behalf. David is waiving his percentage of the sales of Crossroads Press-published works by Tom sold through their website, so Tom will get 100% of the purchase price. They carry many of his books in digital form, including a novel, Nightjack, and a novella, Clown in the Moonlight, exclusive to Crossroads.

 If you haven't read Tom Piccirilli, you're missing a treat; he's one of the best and most interesting authors of horror, suspense, and neo-noir working today, and he should be far, far better known than he is. In writers' circles, he's known as one of the most generous and supportive authors one could meet, and he's been offering me advice and encouragement for many years. Any support you can offer Tom now would be much appreciated.
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