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Jack Haringa
I teach. I write. I edit. I snark. Not necessarily in that order.
I teach. I write. I edit. I snark. Not necessarily in that order.
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Australia's dark heart inspires horror movie boom -

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I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by the scope and variety (and overall quality) of this list. Sure, I think some things that got left off should be included and some things included should be consigned to the dustbin of history (and a few more international titles could have been included), but in general, this is a solid list.

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I've reached the point in David Ewalt's OF DICE AND MEN where I am reminded that I have never forgiven Rona Jaffe. The frenzy over D&D in the early '80s was remarkably reminiscent of the Wertham-driven anti-comics hysteria of the '50s in tenor, and in some ways "Mazes and Monsters" was the "Seduction of the Innocent" of its time. Luckily it didn't nearly kill the industry or end up with congressional hearings. I'm also reminded of what an awful person Tipper Gore was.

The book is particularly interesting to me for its behind-the-scenes look at TSR and the way in which the game came about. I lived through the cultural impact and was playing at the height of its popularity (I joined my first AD&D campaign in late '79 or early '80 and started DM-ing my own in '81).

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+Robert N. Lee , have you seen this news?

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How to philosophy through the ages.

"The book had been lying untouched for almost a year, with its shopping-list page-marker. Nearly a year now, and these tiny, inert phantoms kept turning up in drawers and cupboards and closets and boxes. When people die they leave behind tiny deposits, like dust or ash, littering the lives of those who have to carry on. Impossible to wipe a house clean. Memories dwelled in cobweb places behind wardrobes and between cupboards; they hid behind radiators; the lurked on shelves; like slivers of shattered glass, they waited for their moment to lodge deep in any vulnerable expanse of passing skin." --REQUIEM, by Graham Joyce.

That hit me right between the eyes, that did.

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Hey, look, it's that sentence Trollope wrote that didn't bore the crap out of me!
Seriously, what could be? Having something warm and fuzzy to cuddle?

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Where: ACT Theater Company, 1632 Osgood Street, Osgood Landing, North Andover, MA 01845.

When: 10/3/15 from 1pm till 7:30pm.

What: Horror and Suspense authors from New England – and all around the Northeast U.S. – will be selling and signing books throughout the event, and participating in panel discussions in the theater about New England Horror Tradition, what makes something scary, new fears, and childhood terrors. The event will conclude with a quintet of authors doing a live reading of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Who: Oh, this is the best part. Authors signing and speaking that day include:

Joe Hill
Kelly Link
Brian Keene
Sarah Langan
Christopher Golden
Paul Tremblay
Caitlin Kittredge
Thomas Sniegoski
John Langan
Dana Cameron
Rio Youers
Toni L.P. Kelner
Myke Cole
Mary SanGiovanni
Leigh Perry
Bracken MacLeod
Jack M. Haringa
Jason Ciaramella
Kat Howard 
John M. McIlveen
Glenn Chadbourne
Mallory O'Meara
Holly Newstein Hautala
Errick Danger Nunnally
Izzy Lee
Scott Goudsward
Gardner Goldsmith 
Douglas Wynne 
Kristin Dearborn
Jan Kozlowski
TT Zuma

Sponsored by ACT Theater Company, Andover Bookstore, and Vicious Circle.

FREE, and open to the public!

Be there. Bring a friend.

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Add a goatee, thin out the hair, and it's me.
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