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Nancy Holzner
Author of the Deadtown urban fantasy series
Author of the Deadtown urban fantasy series

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Bloodstone releases today! I'm kicking off my blog tour with lots of giveaways. Stop by these sites for a chance to win a copy of the book and a unique piece of bloodstone-and-silver jewelry: Fangtastic Books, All Things Urban Fantasy, Urban Girl Reader.

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Here, then, is how Facebook operates these days:

a) Make a change that confuses everybody and seems to juggle everything around for no discernible reason. "Wait, I now have to tickle this badger to get my news updates? And they come in clusters of seven?"

b) Wait until people finally figure out that change. They don't like it. But they'll live with it. WHEW. "I finally figured out that if you tickle the badger under his little badger armpits, you can get up to 10 updates at a time."

c) The moment critical mass reaches this point, Facebook changes something again, restarting the entire vicious circle. "OMG NOW I HAVE TO FIGHT A BEAR AND FACEBOOK BEAMS GAME UPDATES INTO MY CEREBRAL CORTEX IT BURNS AND THE BEAR IS BITING MY FACE"

This is a good time to remind people that G+ is open to all now.

My new blog post on Dark Central Station: Authors vs. content providers.

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Wow. A city truck went down my street this afternoon, spreading water to keep the dust down in the heat. My husband and I joked it was probably using wastewater from gas drilling. That was supposed to be a JOKE. As in "Haha, they'd never really do such a thing." Then I saw this story in my local paper:

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Startup Plotting a Pandora for Books

Hello again, Monday. I'm determined that this is going to be the week I get caught up.
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