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Anna Saccone
24 year old newlywed mommy-to-be!
24 year old newlywed mommy-to-be!

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What I Ate Wednesday {28.2.17}
8:45am This week's What I Ate is brought to you by Pancake Tuesday! Pancake Day has honestly always been one of my favourite days of the year, ever since I was small. I love pancakes and looked forward to this day all year round from as long as I can rememb...

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Pregnancy Workout - 3rd Trimester
Hey guys! Here's my current workout routine for trimester 3! I do this about 2-3 times a week (realistically lately it's been more like two) and repeat the workout twice more so it lasts about 20-30 minutes. I absolutely love this workout as it's kept me fi...

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Tips for Travelling with Kids
This week I thought I'd share my tips for travelling with kids, being that last week was our big road trip to Ireland. We drove 5 hours from our house in Surrey to Wales, then took a two hour ferry to Dublin where we stayed for four nights. After that we dr...

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Vlog
Here is my third and last pregnancy vlog! I am currently approaching the last leg of this journey and as much as I appreciate it & do love being pregnant, I'm ready for it to be over! Being that I got pregnant in March 2016, miscarried in May and then found...

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Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day
This week I thought I'd take you for a walk down memory lane and I rooted out some OLD Valentine's Day videos that I made for my channel back in 2011 and 2012 (pre kids!). These gave me a good laugh to watch back and hopefully you'll be as entertained as I ...

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What I Ate Wednesday {7.2.17}
8:40am Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast made with almond milk, salt & pepper. I also had a bottle of water and black coffee.  11:30am I got my nails done in the morning and by the time I was finished I was hungry again. Thankfull...

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What's in Baby's Hospital Bag
In today's video I show you what I packed in baby's hospital bag. The changing bag I used is the PacaPod Madison in Tan . I love all the little compartments/pods that you get inside this bag and how it keeps you organised! Here are some other products I men...

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What's in my Hospital Bag
This has been one of my favourite, comfiest outfit to wear at this stage of pregnancy. The leggings are my Isabella Oliver over-the-bump ones which I am tempted to buy another pair of as I love them so much! These are the BEST fit & quality ever! The grey v...

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Throwback Thursday: My Mummy
Today's throwback isn't of's of my cute little mummy! So many of you have already commented on how similar she & Emilia look, well I think this photo just proves it even more! She reminds me so much of Emilia in her baby pictures (I think it's the e...

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What I Ate Wednesday {31.1.17}
8:45am Breakfast this morning was plain yoghurt with fresh blueberries under my favourite granola. This is the Nature's Path Nice & Nobbly organic granola with berries and yoghurt chunks & it is so yummy! I also had my usual coffee (black) and bottle of wat...
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