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So for the first time ever, I used my smartwatch for something relatively smart. The battery drained in one and half hours :(
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Happy new year, everyone!

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Love it!
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What an age we live in. My watch now handles my on call pages
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Huge, thanks to +bakura Ryou , +The Cowboy , +Nero Crusnik , +Keynath Rowe for their help in testing the latest version.

5.4 Release

5.4 Is a large update that allows the app to exist outside of the App Store.

        The update allows for crash/bug reports to be sent to my servers as well device usage, all this will allow me to continue supporting the application.

        Additionally future versions of Yugioh Companion will be installed via the app and you will be prompted when there is a new version.

        The database has been updated to include Secret Forces, Secrets of Eternity and HERO Strike structure deck. The ban list has also been updated.

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And were back!
Well kinda…

After three long months, I am pleased to announce version 5.4 of Yugioh Companion.

Many things have been accomplished in this update. I will do another post later on going int more detail and also on what is left to do.

But here’s the highlights.

It will update over the current 5.3 version, so every thing should just transfer over as normal.
I will be able see installs again.
I will be able to receive bug and crash reports.
The Ban List has been updated.
The database has been updated to include Secret Forces, Secrets of Eternity and HERO Strike structure deck
6) You will be alerted to future updates through the app. When a new version is out, you will be prompted to install when you start the application. This will the download the new version and prompt again to install.

But enough about that how do you get the new version. Well unfortunately for this version you need download the .apk (application file) to your device and install it. This is sometimes referred to as side loading and you may need to change some settings in your phone Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

(This is really good article on the subject: )

As mentioned above you will only need to this the one time and the new version has a feature to download future updates.

For now I have put the .apk into dropbox and you can download via this link:

The MD5 checksum is : db1c14acb37a7b59fecc93bac76f6c2d

I will find better places for the .apk to be kept over the coming days. The dedicated website is still in the works and I’m waiting for approval from SlideMe which is an app hosting site.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below or at any of the following.


Over 500 members! I never thought id see the day. Keep it coming guys...

The occasion to call for an epic meme, but I just kept procrastinating. 
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