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#PokemonGo  latest version has been released now! But unfortunately, it doesn't support the #nox  App Player 3.7 version yet. So we request you to wait for some time till the officials get the issue fixed. For more updates, stay tuned to our blog

Thanks for your support and love,
Nox App Team :)
Nox App Player free download for Windows 7,8,10. Quick guide to download Nox App Player 3.7 android emulator for PC. It's a best bluestacks alternative.
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Nox App
+Ghaleb Nassri Can you please explain in detail that what changes you have did to install and play latest version of Pokemon Go so that others can follow the same?
+Nox App
1- Open settings at the top of the noxapp player
2- On the left panel, go on the 3rd one
3- In the first text area, enter: "Samsung"
4- In the 2nd field, enter: "Note 5"
5- In the 3rd field, enter "a phone number"
6- Click save at the bottom
7- Open the browser
8- Enter thjis URL:

9- In the file tab, there is some app informations, click on Download APK
10- Wait few seconds
11- Open the download inside the notification bar
12- Click on the apps you've just download, Click Next, Install and open

Have fun with PokémonGO everyone :)
Nox App
+maxlehot1234 gaming Two questions from our side.

1. Is it mandatory to use only Samsung Note 5 or any other device can work as well ?

2.And is it mandatory to use the phone number which is working on Samsung Note 5 only?

Awaiting for your response :)
+Nox App HI, I just test with nothing in the configuration EXCEPT the apk download from the link above ;)

So you can put it as default if you can :P So everyone can use it without any problems
Nox App
+maxlehot1234 gaming Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. Will post this solution on our blog in some time and let's see what users have to say about it.
+Nox App +Nox App Player Hi, I just want to know if I can put shortcut on my computer (pokémongo for example) and when I click it, it open and run nox app player.

Something like bluestacks.
If yes, it would be really nice.

Thanks to help me with this if its already possible.
and no credits to the one who actually found the fix aka me  -_-
(just kidding)
Nox App
+Ghaleb Nassri Hey, I have given credits to his whole post but not to a single person. By the way, let me know if the above-given guide is right or need any changes as per your method?
+Nox App  I was kidding :) +maxlehot1234 gaming  deserves all the credit for explaining my fix step by step
and yes the guide is perfect
Thanks again for the Best Android Emulator of All Time :)
I noticed one limitation with your emulator, when I record a new macro everything I do is captured correctly except the location spoofing (changing the location by moving the marker in the map window)
can you fix that please :(
Nox App
+Ghaleb Nassri Yeah sure, we will look into the issue and inform the officials about the same.

Meanwhile, you can share some tips and tricks followed by you to use Nox App Player or while playing Pokemon Go game on this emulator. We will post them on our blog so that new users will find it useful.

You can email us about the same on This is not an official email, it's an email of our team member ;)
Nox App
+Ghaleb Nassri Thanks a lot for the appreciation by naming it as Best Android Emulator of all time :)
+Nox App OK... Because Bluestacks have this option, so I think you will have something like that... But thanks for your reply
The Nox App is frozed since i restarted it. I can't click on any app, anything.
Hey I am having trouble with this working. I have done everything but signing in with my Google account is not an option. Any ideas on a fix? Always seem to have trouble with syncing my account.
The app seems to work but it doesn't find GPS which makes it unplayable. Any solutions to this?
Hello, I could play yesterday, but today I tried to log in and I got: "You can not authenticate . Try it again".
I updated as you said and when I try to log in I always receive this message: "You can not authenticate . Try it again".
It is strange because I can log in with my mobile phone,
Could someone help me please?
I have some issues today. After updating to 0.31 all the pokemon I try to catch run away, and I cant get items from Pokestops nor fight at Pokegyms. Is this a Niantic way of preventing the use of nox player?
i too could not play due to no gps signal
i have white screen with the name of produckt and this is all.
i cant install the pokemon go apps from the web saying that apps not install after i press install
guys, i already did with what nevin said, not giving my number, still no gps, any thoughts?
Anyone found a way to sideload GoIV? It always gets a parsing error for me. Thanks!
guys need help it keeps asking update to continue what should i do?
+Ghaleb Nassri sir can you help me i have done your solution but it keeps asking for update. it says that pokemon go has new version upgrade to continue. but i downloaded the new nox and new pokemon go up from the site you linked
New forced update showing device incompatible even with nox generated IMEI and Samsung device details mentioned. Patiently waiting for smarter people to get around it :)
Used possible guide to get 0.37 in nox but i am still getting OS not compatible.

Guys, you can still play the 0.35 version of the game, just download the apk until the guys fix this problem!!
Anyone else realize the apk that +Ghaleb Nassri linked to is for 0.31, not 0.37..? Of course the older version w/out the buddy system and root detection works.
i tryed everythings it all new to nox app and all i get is our servers are humbled by your incredible response we are working to resolve the issuse try again soon 
pokemongo alert unable to authenticate please try again

Pokemon lastest version is not working in rooted devices

i still cant use after following the guidelines..anyone can help??
nox probably will give up when pokemongo update this new version. :D
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