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Ray Toler
Musician, producer, actor, director, designer, marketer, IT dude, dj, consultant and sarcasm factory.
Musician, producer, actor, director, designer, marketer, IT dude, dj, consultant and sarcasm factory.

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The first question after saying you're in a job search: What are you looking for?

In April, I let my boss know that I was going to start looking for the next challenge in my career. It was a difficult decision – I work at a great company and with great teams. However, when I looked objectively at what the company most needed,…

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External disruption is the order of the day and those companies that can't adapt to new competitors will be eaten.

I’ve just finished up at the Gartner CIO Leadership Forum in Phoenix. While it’s less than three full days, it’s easily the most energizing event I attend. The focus this year was even further in to the future of IT and its rapidly emerging role smack in…

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A Song A Day

My dear friend Artemis has encouraged me to take part in Song-A-Day 2016. The goal: write a piece of music every day for the entire month of February. Or, more accurately, write, record, and post 29 pieces of music. I’m looking forward to the challenge…

Gotta say... I'm not too happy with the new Google+, especially on iOS. App is less useful than Soundcloud or Tumblr now. 

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Oddly enough, some of these match what I've thought while playing many of these composers' works.
Do you have the hands of a piano player?
Here are the type of hands you will need to play the music of these composers ;)

Pic via

#piano #pianolessons #classicalmusic  #pianomusic 

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Organizatiageddon is upon them!

Last week, I embarked on an organization and purging binge I have dubbed “Organizatiageddon.” The end goal of this is to have my studio cleaned up and functional, the rest of the house decluttered, and nearly all of the unpacked cardboard boxes sorted and…

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Gorgeous ambient washes, all played live with looping and effects.

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Started Dr Who reboot from season 1 this weekend, and look who just showed up...

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+Jeri Ryan - your "Cute" for the day:

Now I'm wondering if spheres are just a universal plaything for all mammals.
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