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Val Nelson
Business/Life Coach...for Introverts and SOULpreneurs
Business/Life Coach...for Introverts and SOULpreneurs

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I was interviewed by kindred spirit +George Kao last week and our conversation is online here. I love the first 12 minutes where we got very personal about our intuitive approach to business and marketing. Then we got very concrete with leading workshops and leading mastermind groups. Lots here for coaches and others to gain some insider scoop on making it work, and dealing with the ups and downs.
Tips for Facilitating Workshops & Mastermind Groups (especially for introverts) --

18 minutes in, Val talks about how she runs a workshop that's more suitable for introverts.

29 minutes in, Val shares the format of her mastermind groups.

The links that Val mentioned in the video:

The Introvert SOULpreneurs Mastermind Group

Workshop: Get Your Pricing and Packaging Done

Connect with Val at her Facebook Business Page here:

Thanks +Val Nelson


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Are you one of those solo service professionals who loves your work but hates the business and marketing side? I wrote this to help you find more ease and more fun with it. Really, it's possible.

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What a perfect message for when you're grieving a death or anticipating a death. Or just want a beautiful story by a masterful storyteller.

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Brilliant advice from a leader on this topic:

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My latest blog post. I'll be curious to hear what you think...

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I just started with CoSchedule to help me manage my blog and social media stuff. OMG, this is life changing. I'm not kidding.

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My ego hates that I'm not getting more done on my business but what about those life interruptions? Let's rethink this. (Lessons from my buddha cat.)

Coming up from my associate, David Johnson: a free discussion just for quiet or gentle men, to discuss what it's like to be such a man in a culture that expects a more macho approach from men. They'll discuss both the positive and the challenging parts. Confidential, small group, facilitated discussion. No sales pitch; just for research and for fun.

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