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Kent Nichols
Co-Creator of Ask A Ninja, Videomaker, Producer, Adventurer
Co-Creator of Ask A Ninja, Videomaker, Producer, Adventurer

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Since the passing of my brother-in-law a year ago, it's hard not to have thought a lot about my own mortality, and what a gift life is, or at least what it should be in its best possible form.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I'm reminded that no one escapes. Some can delay the inevitable and some get taken too quickly. But what I'm coming to realize is that death is always unfair, always too soon, and always difficult to write about without stumbling into shades of purple prose.

Steve Jobs was our Dear Leader, a dictator to our desires and dreams. Telling us the future is possible and to dare to dream bigger, bolder, and simpler.

Now that he's gone he'll always be larger than life. Always be the innovator, the genius.

Steve Jobs taught many men to fish, and he's feeding them for lifetimes. He gave us the tools we needed to create things that even he could not imagine. And he pushed himself and others to be the best they could be.

I hope I can be the best I can be, I hope to push and inspire others to dream and to strive to find greatness in themselves.

And I just want to be better.

Like Steve.

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Imma gonna buy me some Lunchablez right now. You should too. (NSFW warning).


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More Copyright tyranny.
So I manage a fan page on Facebook for Pokey LaFarge a musician who's starting to break nationally and has developed a fanbase in the UK and Europe this year. His manager emailed me this morning to ask if I could upload his last music video (that I produced and directed) to the page this morning--as it was an oversight that it wasn't added to the page before. So, no big deal I upload it. Later I get a notification, in the form of a big box in my stream that the video I uploaded was a violation of Copyright and it's been removed. There was a link in the message to dispute this and then a box to click to acknowledge that I read the message. I checked the box that said I read it, but then the whole notice including the link for disputing the claim disappeared! Now I can't find anywhere on the site where to go to dispute a claim! This is such bullshit.

This copyright tyranny has to stop, I am a content creator, my client on whom I was acting on behalf of is a content creator. We OWN this material, it was being posted to the OFFICIAL Facebook page of the artist at the direction of the artist and his management. I think this copyright protection bs has gone too far when you get busted for uploading your own stuff. Not only that but it seems like every other week I get a notice from Youtube that one of my videos there has some claim on it. I dispute all of those (fortunately Youtube doesn't play hide the notice and dispute form like Facebook does.) But this is getting annoying.

Why does it feel like Google+ has a lot of my friends, but none of my friends interacting.
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