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According to
media reports, 20 billion litres of pristine New Zealand water are going to be
exported over the next fifteen years, with not one cent in royalties being paid
here. By contrast, it
has been estimated that the oil and gas industry paid around $2...

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Recently, the
Police, with significant sponsorship from the Ministry of Health, hosted a
major Australasian conference on alcohol and drug policy. It attracted an
impressive collection of international speakers, including Michael Botticelli
(a man whom I ha...

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Mental health
ranks as one of New Zealand’s major health issues. While there have been many
innovations and improvements over the years, we still have some intractable and
serious problems we must get on top of. We have one of the highest youth
suicide rate...

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Richard Nixon
coined the phrase “the silent majority” to describe the body of Americans he
saw as supporting his unpopular policies in Vietnam, while there was protest
and unrest in the streets all around. Nixon’s “silent majority” were the
classic WASPs – ...

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For those who
follow British politics, the prospect of the coming General Election turning
into a major train wreck for the British Labour Party looms large. Barely a day
passes without another set of contradictory views or comments emerging from
senior mem...

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The formerly
cherished and hallowed centre ground of politics seems to have lost its sheen.
That special space in our political spectrum that every political leader since
Holyoake has sought to capture and occupy suddenly seems barren and forlorn.
The rise ...

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How free should speech
be in New Zealand today? This issue has been in the news recently for a number
of reasons. Just last week a group of prominent academics called for
restrictions on what they termed hate speech against sexual and ethnic
minorities. At ...

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We have always
prided ourselves that New Zealand is the land of the great outdoors. Our grand
mountains, pristine forests, rivers and fresh waterways confirm that. So too
does the comparative space our small population allows each one of us to enjoy.
And th...

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The search for
truth in the wake of the publication of the book, Hit and Run, has been simply
excruciating. The authors’
initial statement was absolute. Innocent citizens had been killed in
Afghanistan as a result of an attack by New Zealand SAS forces. Equ...

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A constant in
politics over the last couple of decades has been the National Party’s dislike
and distrust of local communities making their own decisions about their own futures.
National really does believe the Beehive knows best, despite a lot of obvious
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