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Wow it all changed around here, haven't checked in for a while, looking pretty snazzy! Man I have a lot of catching up to do! Looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to :)

Just recently back from a few weeks out in California and slowly working through a handful of images I was able to capture in my spare time.

To get things started this simple image is one of my personal favourites of the trip. Funny, I only really shot it on the request of a friend half the globe away! Anyway, this is McWay Falls in Big Sur at sunset, as the backwash collides with the incoming tide. More to come!
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Wow- is this taken from a neighbouring headland?
+Kay Walker it's kind of taken from a trail around the neighbouring cliff edge looking down on it :)
Incredibly beautiful! I love the soft water on the beach and in the waterfall and the wonderful contrast in the rocks! It's awesome!!
Exceptional photography, Thank you your post are absolutely beautiful
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