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Here's a small screen recording of the file finder in action

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Tig version 2.1.1 is now available with fixes for a couple of regressions that broke rendering of references in the main view and usage of the stage view. It also adds support for key combos which was originally planed for 2.1 (see contrib/vim.tigrc for an example). Finally, files (or blobs) can now be searched using the new GitHub-inspired file finder (press 'f' to launch it).

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After a long, cold winter, spring is finally starting to show its face here in Montreal. So what better time to do a little cleaning in the Tig project and cut a new release?

Tig version 2.1 is now available the usual places. The main focus of this release has been to address the performance regressions when using Tig in large repositories. For example, it is now possible to use the old and faster graph renderer and to configure Tig to not automatically use topological order when rendering the graph. See for a list of settings to speed up Tig in large repositories.

Since the last release the test suite has grown to 209 assertions in 74 tests, where "assertions" generally corresponds to file content comparisons. While there are still many things without tests, it now has a more acceptable coverage with hit/total/coverage (as reported by lcov) being:

    Lines:          7145     9435     75.7 %
    Functions:       602      668     90.1 %

As for what else is in the release, please see the post's link or for the full list of improvements and bug fixes.

In other news, there is now a Gitter chat room here if you want to discuss something.

Finally, the repo is quickly approaching it's 2000th commit, so I will have to think of something awesome to land when that happens ...

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Yay, another Tig release. Now with a test suite and a bunch of fixes. Get 2.0.3 while it's hot!

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I've release tig version 2.0.2 with a handful of bug fixes. Pull, wget or curl it before your neighbour!

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Tig version 2.0 has been released! It's the 29th release in the 8 years since version 0.1 was first made available. Thanks to everybody who contributed to this and previous releases. Looking forward to the next 8 years ...

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Here's an example of Tig's new grep view in action. It's a small front-end to git-grep(1) that lets you quickly jump to the file and line of each match, either in Tig or in the editor of your choice.

With the grep view, Tig now also supports view specific colors. This is used for coloring the file names in the grep view in a different color than those used in the tree view. Example from tigrc:

    color grep.filename blue default
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Not doing anything Wednesday evening? Come hang out with people from the Montreal Scala community and discuss monads over a cold beer and some pizza. Dunno what Scala or monads are? Don't worry, there are plenty of interesting people to discuss whatever crazy idea is on your mind.

At the event, I will present Scala.js, a Scala to JavaScript compiler. The talk will explain how Scala.js lets you write typesafe Scala code even when it comes to interoperate with existing JavaScript libs, like jQuery. In short, come and hear why your next open source project should use Scala.js!

More info on Scala.js:

Sign up here:

#scalajs   #scala   #meetup  

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Get ready to flatMap those DOM elements! +Sébastien Doeraene just announced #Scalajs   v0.1, a new experimental Scala to JavaScript compiler.
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