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Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6 'Alright then,' Gus
boomed out in the early morning chill. 'John Wilkis, Red Leader.' The
man stepped forward and got a red cap and a radio. 'Red Team is in
charge of planting. With Red Team goes Sam Watkins, Liz DeHein and
Steve Smith. There'll b...
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Chapter 5.2
have now entered Day 2 of Phase 1 and so far everything is on
schedule,' Barkus reported. It was the next morning. He had spent
half the night walking the streets of the town before finally
climbing the stairs and falling into a troubled sleep. His eyes...
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Chapter 5.1
Chapter 5 Barkus stood and gazed at the Square in
the pre-dawn light. It was ridiculously early, but he couldn't stand
to stare at the ceiling anymore. He blew on his fingers and stomped
his feet automatically but in his mind, stakes were planted, spades
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Chapter 4.2
When Barkus walked into 'Mary's', he
saw Lynn sitting at a table with a computer, a cellphone and an
expression of frustration mixed with harrasment and just a touch of
death-rage. He elected to order at the counter and wait until she was
done to ask if she...
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Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4 Barkus opened his eyes and groaned as
the hangover hit. The guilty cigarettes made his stomach heave and
his lungs ache and scratch. “What the hell was I thinking?” he
said aloud and winced at the sound of his own voice. He lay there and
ran throu...
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Chapter 3.4
  "The only real point of being an adult is to choose what you want to do with your time. But it's usually too late to choose by the time you're grown up. So if you choose now what affect you want to have on the lives of others, you'll find your best adult ...
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Chapter 3.3
I t
was 2 days later. The beds had been completely cleaned out and
prepped for their planting. Barkus had been pleasantly surprised by
the effort and skill displayed by the teams of teens. They had even
negotiated with a local farmer to get some of his best...
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Chapter 3.2
When Staff Seargeant Stewarts walked in
for his mid-shift coffee 20 minuted later, he found the group holding
their sides as Sarah recounted stories from her latest tour. '...And then, wait wait wait, it gets
better,' she was saying as he picked up his coff...
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