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Equality and Justice are causes that inspire Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc.
Equality and Justice are causes that inspire Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc.

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Support #FLCI when you shop for holiday items. #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon donates.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who will add us to their holiday list in support of our organization.

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We have been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2016 from GreatNonprofits! We appreciate all of your contributions! Thanks to our fans, we are one of the first winners of a 2016 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits! Read inspiring stories about us!

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#FLCI vision revealed.
The words Amazing come to mind when speaking about Victor. As a public charity with limited knowledge of the visual recordings but excited about the talent, FLCI reached out to Victor at a moment when our organization needed to promote our vision and history in a way that would capture the audience mind and perception. In my dialogue with Victor, I shared that we needed to have a "Script" of our organization visually recorded and illustrated; since we weren't having an actual event to facilitate the graphic recorders job in illustrating the image, Victor was able to work off our Script and bring it to life without even being in a room full of people~ now that's Talent. The first draft he submitted to us was mind-blowing, we could see that he took his time and was able to intellectually navigate through our vision and history and create such a treasured masterpiece. We didn't have to dialogue too many times, because in two-takes he accomplished what we were looking for in our infomercial graphic illustration. Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., #LaOrganizaciónFeliz™ truly appreciates the collaboration and experience we encountered with Victor Barbella and we wish him much success. Thank you, muchas gracias Victor.

What is a Visual Recorder?
Visual facilitation and recording takes spoken words, information, data and thoughts and -through the hands of a visual recorder/facilitator - puts them onto a (very large) page with image, text, design and color. This process allows the group to begin to see key points, themes, issues, needs and emerging patterns and to more clearly understand and identify them. Also, the members of audience feel as though their voice is heard, captured and validated on a single, central (large format) record of the interaction which can be shared and referenced for further discussion. The single most important factor and benefit of visual work, however, is that it increases audience members’ enjoyment, engagement, interaction, motivation, stimulation, retention and understanding...Victor Barbella…/victor-barbella-acc-ccac-6191885…
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Dear Friend,

If you love our work then tell the world! You have an opportunity to help us make even more of a difference in our community. GreatNonprofits-a review site like TripAdvisor-is honoring highly reviewed nonprofits with their . Won't you help us raise visibility for our work by posting a review of your experience with us? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It's easy and only takes 3 minutes!

Go to to get started!

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Celebrate with Love #HispanicHeritage month and don't forget to #Support our Latino lead organization while we continue enhancing our #Philanthropic services where we are providing programs that transform our communities. Gracias~Thank You.

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Beware of Your Thinking Process!

The #Mind is a terrible thing to waste, famous quote.   Because the Mind is a terrible thing to waste then let’s remodel, reset and transform our Minds.  Before we embark on this journey, we must make sure that our heart and when I say heart I’m talking about all of our emotions and feelings that go along with it, which means that your entire self-being has to partake in it if you want to be successful in the process of change.  You must connect with and focus on the process of the changed and improved you.

In order for you to accomplish this change you must #Beware of Your Thinking Process and embrace the anticipation of creating the new you.  What does this mean?  It means that you have to envision what does this new you look like, talk like, walk like, dress like, work like-- get the picture!  But always Beware of Your Thinking Process, because this means that you have to challenge yourself, yes I did say challenge, because in this aspect of the process you have to keep it culturally connected and sensitive to who you are and love who you are, your race doesn’t change, your nationality doesn’t change, the only element that changes is called—YOU!  Yes, that’s right –YOU, Young Optimist Understanding-- YOU.  Why?

Because that is the only element that you have the Power and Authority to transform and change in order to be successful.  OK, breathe, once, twice and three times, let it permeate, you’re going to be fine, don’t worry changes are always challenging, but at the end they make you stronger and wiser.  They make you stronger because you are the one who makes the choices and decisions as to which areas in your life need changing and which areas in your life need improvement, that’s right go ahead and redecorate who YOU really are inside!

Once you have Processed Your Thinking and envisioned this newly and transformed persona, you may lead with the newly created you.  My suggestion is to look at magazines for visuals of what this You looks like remembering to stay culturally sensitive and connected, then look at newspapers headlines, but remember to Beware of Your Thinking Process, then cut out the visuals and headlines, get a nice size piece of paper, cardboard whatever your heart delights and paste it on that paper, once you have collected all the elements make sure you keep it visible at all times, as a reminder that you no longer think the way you use to think, talk, walk, work because now you are loving the new YOU!  Keep in Mind that you have to mean it, see it, believe it, and be it!  And this is the exciting part of the entire process.

If you are not challenged, you will not be motivated and if you are not motivated, you will not be inspired and if you are not inspired, then you would not really understand why you are on the verge of this new path in your life.

Remember that every chapter in your life has different events, places, people, and results.  The most intriguing part of this chapter is that you get to write the Script, play the main character, choose who these people are, where the event is and where those places are and how this chapter will end.  What is expected of YOU is that you must have the will and desire to succeed.  Therefore, focus on the end result which is your main goal!

Modify and manage your behavior accordingly because it is wise and to your advantage to ensure that your entire soul is in it—for real!
Before we move on let’s take a moment of silence, tune out all distractions as we get ready to make some serious decisions about Your Thinking Process.  This will help you focus, be connected and transparent to your inner-self.  Say to yourself, I have to Beware of my Thinking Process.  Let your thoughts flow.  Where do they take you?  Write down thoughts, places, scents, landscapes and people, everything that comes in to your Mind.  Look at the positive and good that is happening in your Mind.

Now, let’s analyze what we wrote and deliberate with this for a moment.  What needs to change, what needs to improve, what can we live with or without?  Go to those places that left a positive impression and that were significant to you and to which you were immediately culturally sensitive and culturally connected every good and perfect piece meditate on it.  Now your responsibility is to become intimate friends with the new and transformed YOU.

Take advantage of this new discipline to Beware of Your Thinking Process and watch over you, look after you and care for you.  This process will require that you be patient and gentle with the development of your new persona.

As long as you allow Your Thinking Process to be part of the journey you will channel all the appropriate messages to flow in your Mind to start writing your Script for this new chapter in your life and enjoy the journey.  It’s only just begun!

Regulate your new way of Processing Your Thoughts, get on the same wave-length with the innovative new information and new input downloading into your psyche.  Delete all of the previous information in your old way of thinking, that is no longer of use to you, it is outdated and obsolete and replace it with positive statements to contribute to the new YOU.

Now in that state-of-mind adjust your Minds lens so that you can see clearly what you are thinking and don’t interrupt the process if you are still thinking.  You can't be great, unless you have passion of what you want to be great in!  If you know what you value, you'll make the right decision!

You are unique in your own way, fully assembled with your own DNA that should be comforting that there’s no two alike, strong winds have come and gone and you’re still standing, stones have been thrown at you and you’re still standing, earthquakes of great magnitudes and you are still standing, forest fires and you are still standing and then a still small voice whispering YOU CAN DO IT!

As far as I understand and as sure as I am there’s no one out there that can take your place, that can accomplish what you are assigned to accomplish, you have a greater assignment and every step of the way there has always been a still small voice.    You don’t need any one else to validate you, YOU validate you.  Only You know what highways, valleys, rocky roads and mountains you had to walk and climb to get to where you are, it is why you cannot let anyone else validate you because only you know the sleepless nights, the weary days, the long hours of deep pain and the many tears, it is why that power of validation only belongs to you and you alone.

Your vision of your new you determines your destiny therefore, put on your New-Self!  Change your unhealthy relationships that kept you in bondage; think and dream big.  Most of history has been made with just everyday people like you and me.

You have been created with a spirit of power, love and a sound Mind; you can change your present and your future with the New life, New beginning and New way of thinking.  I mean it--Beware of Your Thinking Process!

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Revelación y debut de nuestra ‪#‎Visión‬.
Un mensaje escrito a un mensaje visual. ¿Lo ves? En ocasiones las organizaciones comunitarias tratan de transmitir el mensaje de su misión a los consumidores de sus servicios o productos y en el proceso pierden la esencia de lo que quieren lograr. En ‪#‎FLCI‬, ‪#‎LaOrganizaciónFeliz‬™, hemos superado ese obstáculo al debutar nuestra Visión en una imagen para captar el interés de la persona y el mensaje intencional que deseamos revelar. He aquí nuestro infocomercial.
Gracias a personas como Claudia López que colaboró con FLCI~La Organización Feliz™, en su arte gráfica. Para más información pueden visitar: Drawing by: Claudia Lopez | On The Right Mind.
Recuerda que aceptamos donaciones/contribuciones, solo tienes que pulsar/copiar y seguir los pasos indicados. Gracias anticipadas.

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LatinoAmericans' show with your Host and Narrator~Jacqueline Torres.
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