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On Trailers and Ghostbusters
So my wife and I sat down and watched the first Ghostbuster's trailer to figure out why people hated it so much. Yes, it's a poorly-made trailer that's not very funny and yes, I'm sure some people do just hate it because 'women' or 'nostalgia', but when som...

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Law, Chaos, and Conflict
I just posted an update to the Skybourne kickstarter explaining a little bit about how alignment works in the Skybourne universe, and now that I've explained the 'how' of alignment there, I thought I would take some time here to explain the 'why'. As a desi...

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Some Thoughts on Advanced Magic
I remember once before writing our reasoning as to why we divided magic into ‘basic magic’ and ‘advanced magic’, but now that the book is out I thought it would be good to re-visit the idea of game-changing magic and our approach to it. It has been said tha...

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(Semi) Post-Mortem
Spheres of Power is officially released. It isn’t quite finished yet (there are two missing chapters), but it’s out and that means its time for some reflection. It's customary when finishing a big project to do a sort of reflective "post-mortem", but I've n...

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Advanced Magic
The advanced magic chapter of Spheres of Power is almost done (or as done as it needs to be, given that new samples and some adjustments to the rules still need to  be made before publication) and I wanted to take some time to answer the question of why. Wh...

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The Wandering RPG Masters
Today,  Sean Reynolds launched his kickstarter for the Five Moons RPG . To my understanding, this is his first big project since leaving Paizo earlier this year. To the design-uninitiated, I could understand if this project slipped your notice; the tagline ...

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In about a week, I will have moved from Provo, UT to Ellensburg, WA. There're a few reasons prompting this move; After doing my undergrad, my wife's undergrad, and my wife's Masters at BYU it's definitely time for a change of scenery. It's a good chance to ...

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I am a Perfectionist
I am a Perfectionist. That doesn't mean what I make is perfect, but simply that I have a hard time letting things go when I know they can be better. This is, incidentally, the main reason why Spheres of Power is taking so long; with the way the project grew...

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Design Musings: Tabletop RPGs and the Reiteration of Ideas
One of the most interesting things about the tabletop RPG medium is how malleable it is. There are a thousand ways any mechanic, theme, or concept could be iterated, and rules can be made up on the fly to cover any number of situations as they arise. For me...

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On Self-Taught Industries
I'm trying to articulate something that's been on my mind lately. It's something that I started thinking about when we started the Spheres of Power kickstarter, grew during LTUE (Life, The Universe, and Everything, the BYU symposium on Sci Fi/Fantasy) and h...
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