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Let's see Anigo Montoya vs Guy Fawkes
So here it is... It's my first full build. Plenty of work left to do on it. The servo still needs to be secured better to the yaw and I'd like more solid mounts on the booms as well.

Learned the hard way not to maiden indoors... Also learned that the 8x3.8 props I had picked were not gonna cut it. Replaced those with some cheap 9x7s that all turn the same direction. It flies well as far as I can tell, but I don't.

Any tips on tuning my kk2?
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Nathan Hostetler

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Free Idol today on Google play... Don't miss it!
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Hi all!  I'm working on building a tricopter.  It's my first multirotor as well as my first scratch-build rc, so I'm a little unsure if I got all the electronics matched up correctly.  Here's a part list:
* HK KK2 flight control board
* Spektrum AR600 receiver
* HiTec 35055S HS-5055MG Digital Metal Gear Sub Micro Servo
* 3x A2212/13 KV1000 Brushless Motor 13A max current draw
* 3x RC Timer ESC 20A Sensorless Brushless
* 3x 8 x 3.4 slow flyer props (1 counter-rotating)
* 20C 1300mAh 3s lipo

I'm unsure of a few details on some of the parts.  Especially the ESCs.  I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived unmarked except for the Skywalker 20A manual sheets that came with them, but you know what they say about assumptions...  Also, the battery is just one I had lying around.  I'm unsure of the math to see if it's enough to power the setup.

The three ESCs each have a BEC as well.  I found that only one BEC should be required by the KK2 board, which in turn powers the rx, but since they are linear BECs, I don't necessarily have to disable them when connecting to the KK2.  However, is it possible to use the power from one of the three to power some LED strips?

Any feedback is useful and appreciated!  Anybody have a similar setup?  Better recommendations?  Tips?
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Well, I will also be a member of the "green" club and have just gotten  into quad multicopters, so I might not be able to add a lot to this.  I too use the KK2 board on mine after first trying the KKv3 board, and let me tell you, I believe that the KK2 board is just incredible.  Very easy to understand and config for even noobies, and it straightened out all my issues with my bumblebee quad for stability.  So even though I do not have a tri-copter, I hope you have the same experience with the KK2 that I am having.  Very nice piece of technology for this kind of hobby effort.  I am sure there are equal or better out there in terms of performance, but cost to performance, I doubt it can be touched.
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Nathan Hostetler

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Do any of you build/fly tricopters or quads? What electronics should I use if I were to build one on the cheap?
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Thanks for all the resources!  I've got some stuff coming in the mail to build a tricopter.  I'll post soon with parts list and progress.  There's aparently a quickly growing interest in multirotors because a lot of the parts from most of the part lists I've found are on backorder.  Hopefully it flies when I'm done...
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Nathan Hostetler

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I've always said politics should not be profitable. In taking huge donations from only the most wealthy investors, our representative democracy only represents the status quo.
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Nathan Hostetler

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Hi all!

I have an idea for a lounge/cigar bar, but have no idea where to start to make this dream happen.  I know liquor licenses can be a hastle, but I'm not sure exactly how all that stuff works.  Are licenses linked to a location or an owner?  If I purchase an existing bar/restaurant does the license come with it?  How would I then go about making the transition to my own place?

Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
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Wow, thanks +Janet Attard!  What a valuable resource!  I think this is exactly what I need.
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Amazing display of multirotor finesse and versatility... Now if only I could get my p and I gains tuned properly on my tricopter... :P
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How many of you fly multirotors?  I've been looking for a good multirotor-specific community and this seems to be the best one I've found.  The membership is low, but I'll bet if some of you join us we'd have plenty to discuss and explore.

Join me in this community! :)
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Can i Have this
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This thing looks amazing!  I hope mine evolves into something this cool...
This one actually pivots both the front rotors to yaw, rather than the usual rear-only yaw.

As for mine, I've settled on a frame design and I've ordered a 30C battery so I'm sure to have enough power for a good flight.  I'll post pics and such once I have something to show for it. ;)
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I have the Scarab Stealth Carbon Armour quad from MultiWiiCopter (and my next will be their Vampire hex). I highly recommend their kits, they put a lot of love into them and they are rock solid highest quality.
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Nathan Hostetler

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Oblivion was FUCKING awesome...  that is all.
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Here's a summary of my latest flight...  I think the ESC is toast, but the rest turned out to be fine.
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Nick C.
+Mike Mickey Yeah. The reservoir is freshwater.
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Drinking your milkshake
I try to limit my posts to topic-specific circles.  When you add me, please let me know what you are interested in from this list:
*politics/cultural issues
*games and gamer culture
*random crap/funnies/my personal posts
also, let me know if you bring anything in particular to the table or if you need to be put in the pit of despair where I won't be bothered by your posts about the progress of your dog's piano lessons.
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If you have documents that need shredding, Cam with Shred360 in Tampa is the man to call. Plain and simple. Dealing with him was simply a pleasure. He's a stand-up guy, family man, very friendly and still perfectly professional. The kind of guy you'd trust to watch your kids. He does all the heavy lifting and his shredder truck shreds all your documents in seconds right before your eyes. Certificates of destruction are provided and everything is very secure. He arrived at the site on time and completed the job in less time than I expected. Just as an added bonus, his rates are the most competitive on the market. Got something you need shredded? Call Cam...
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Amazing food, even if it's not 100% british. They also have the largest single-malt scotch selection I've seen in tampa. I always leave here fat and happy (and maybe a little tipsy)!
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Excellent little sandwich shop perfect for worday lunch. Their cuban is one of the best I've ever had.
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American Bartending School is THE place to learn all it takes to be a successful bartender. The instructors have years of actual bartending experience and they share all the tips and tricks of the trade. Not to mention the 150+ drink recepies that you'll learn. The best part? Most of the class, you're practicing making the drinks behind the counter. Wanna work as a bartender? No, do you want to be a Seriously successful bartender? Enroll here.
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Excellent date night place, especially if you want to impress your special friend. The tapas are excellent for sharing, the atmosphere is intimate and exciting, and most importantly when you're done with dinner and conversation, just head down to the basement for flamenco or some other live music and more drinks. Or, for a more quiet night, walk through the park or head to one of the many lounges in the vicinity.
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Amazing burgers and terrific beers! Try the elk burger and have a friend try the wildfire lager. ;) Great place to have a good time with friends, but don't expect to be out of there in less than 45 mins.
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