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On Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 7:00 PM Betta Kultcha is coming to The Hub at York.

For those that don't know, it is a fun 20:20 (pecha kucha style ) event where people present their passions. You can get a flavour for the eclecticity ( is that not a word ) by watching a few videos below...

We are still short of a few speakers! So, fancy doing a presentation? Go on, go on...

Sign up for tickets here:

Watch previous videos:


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One of the eras that really fascinates me is the time when Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals coexisted. I recently watched AO - The Last Neanderthal... and it seemed a bit too much like "a bloke with big nose and eyebrows stuck on"... Lou Ferringo style.

Yesterday I watched this video Neanderthal: Profile of a super predator which seems to challenge all current thinking about what that time, and neanderthals were like. The sound is a bit iffy.

Neanderthals probably weren't bald, they didn't look like us... they were probably hairy like rhinos, elephants, etc. In a way, they'd be daft not to be.

The recent evidence that has found that we ( Europeans and Asians) have neanderthal DNA is not because some Homo Sapiens seduced a physically stronger Neanderthal dame with his slim hips, wit and better tools... but because we were violently predated on by Neanderthals and the women raped. And this in turn lead to us having to become a lot smarter.. or be wiped out.

Whilst it's a more brutal story, it does seem more likely... more like a nature documentary, less like Planet of the Apes.

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