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How do you really inform the uninformed, when they don't care...
I have got a problem. I spend my days keeping myself informed, even listen to CNN in the mornings to see what the uninformed watch, I try to understand their thinking. Like I said, watch CNN in the morning. At Noon, Tune in to Rush till 3 PM, AT 3 either ge...

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The World on Fire, even in Tennessee.
       Even though our President did not consider The  massacre in Oregon a Terror attack, or an attack on Christians. It was. The Shooter telling Christians they were going to see God in 1 second made it clear as crystal, at least to me. It says in the Bib...

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Thoughts from the Chattanooga area, The Fallen Five
Being from Chattanooga. I cannot help but be absolutely furious. The spectre of Terrorism has darkened the skies, It DID happen here. Chattanooga has had it's 9-11. When events were unfolding, live, Nausea came over me. I saw the Chattanooga Police and Hami...

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How many times Have I WARNED that TERRORISM WAS COMING TO CHATTANOOGA, WELL It has arrived 7/16
                 I am Sorry that I have neglected my writing to my blog. Facebook lures a writer away because everybody is waiting, and you can look on the right hand side and know who will see it right then. Blogs are long term writing. The readers have to...

I am, watching the funeral for one of the Marines Killed,Massacred, in Chattanooga. Praise God these Crazies did Not appear here. Chattanooga/Strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am coming back
I just decided to get with the program on my blog, so it's coming very shortly. I also read the comments, which for some stupid reason I never knew how to do, so, I will be answering every body and being responsible, you want answers and comments from me so...

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The Shingles Virus is NEEDED for MS patients and the results (CRAP)
Last week I went to my new Primary Care Provider (PAP) who is fantastic. He is not going to manage my MS but watch me and tell me if I need to go to a Neuro.

I brought up do I need a Shingles vaccination or not. He advised me that it was needed because my ...

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My Sincere Apology
I have neglected writing for too long. It seems sometimes my mind is too pre-occupied with issues and the news.

We have had medical problems, both Deanna and I. She is currently recouping from pneumonia. It came up unexpectedly, of course I guess all illn...

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Yesterday, all the news including my source of a lot of info, Drudge, stated the government has calculated that the Cost Of Living Adjustment will be,



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I have changed the Blog name again and this why..
Over the last few years, My Blogging attitude has evolved. First I was Mad, just plain Mad at the the Disease, The Government and all the...
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