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Artist is like a Detective.

When an artist creates an illustration or a character, he/she should act like a real detective at a crime scene. Each evidence, each clue can bring you closer to the solution. That's why you should care about details. And it's not small wrinkles, textures or scratches. I'm talking about those elements which can tell a complementary story.

In all the works we do for AmbroZio project we try to depict distinctive behavior of a character in a particular situation. We always leave hints, messages and puzzles for those who pay attention looking through or reading our works .
For instance, this robot made for a tv show about technologies called 'techInvasion' has ambitions of a proud discoverer. His space helmet is just a decorative element because robots don't have to breathe, weather it is in deep space or on the Earth. At the same time the helmet is an intentional interpretation of Vikings horned helmet.

For more observant people Igor draw tick-tack-toe game on the flag, but instead of conventional signs he put 0-s and 1-s. He did it to highlight the connection between robots and binary code.
Take a look at the robot's body and you'll see that it looks like a battery. The blue juice is seen through its shell. It tells us that it's full of energy and ready to continue its adventures.

Beside all that, Igor tried to depict metal texture, dry paint, cracks, highlights etc. You can zoom in and see it. This image in a full resolutions is accessible on Patreon (

As you can see, an artist is a detective in some way. He/she needs to know how to compose not just a graphical but also psychological portrait of his characters and environments. He/she should notice important things and get rid of irrelevant ones.

And now engage your gray matter, use deductive method and start your own investigation. Good luck!

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I found this video interesting.

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So last week I was using the Blogger app on my phone, when it crashed on me while it was publishing my post. It kind of sucked because I had talked about me trying to transition from vegetarian to vegan.  Blah. I didn't want to go through the whole process ...

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