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There's 3 lightbulbs in a room and 3 light switches outside a room. You're trying to figure out which light switch controls which light bulb. You can only walk in the room once and there are no windows or anything to see inside the room while you're outside. How do you do it?

Difficulty: 4 (I figured this one out pretty quickly)

Ooh, I have one :3 This ones kinda easy, a lot of people know it already :)

Ok sooooo....there's a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin, there are 63 people; all of them are dead. Outside the cabin, there are 9 people - also dead. How did the people die.....

quite simple really. Don't kill yourself over it...
Also....I dunno what difficulty this should about, um, 4? Or maybe 5? RAAAANNNDOOMMMM


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Shape of My Heart

This is not mine!!

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Creative idea for your shoes

find amazing creative shares

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You are doing it wrong.. :P

sanil....I think emma voted for herself on the poll thingy....can you not count the one with the comment that says "LOL IM FROM HORNER"?

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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, 
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, 
Fuzzy Wuzzy had cancer.

Why did the deaf man take his parrot to work? 
He was weird.

Robert Palmer: Doctor, Doctor! have you heard the news? 
Doctor: Yes.

Duck A lays an egg which rolls into Duck B's nest. To whom does the egg technically belong to? 
Neither, ducks do not have the legal right of ownership.

Why did the chicken cross the road? 

Earlier that morning the farmers daughter had inadvertently left the gate to the yard open as she was preoccupied by her worry over a maths test set for that day. She hadn't studied for the test as she was still deeply distressed over her fathers recent heart attack. This, coupled with the added burden of household chores now delegated to her because her mother was out trying to get the west field prepared for sowing, had made her quite forgetful and distracted of late. 
Whilst several chickens escaped, only one strayed so far that it actually encountered the road facing the farm. After crossing the road and gorging itself in a soybean crop, the chicken was struck by a furniture removers van as it attempted to make its way home. 
Several hours later the dead chicken was spotted by a Community Mental Health Worker who was doing his bi-weekly rural clinic run. The chicken, being a bantam caught the eye of the Mental Health worker, who was a keen trout fisherman. 
"Cool" thought the mental health worker- "those feathers will make for excellent trout flies". He stopped and plucked a handful of the most iridescent blue, green and orange feathers and placed them in an envelope. He rolled himself a cigarette, sat on the trunk of his car and admired the clouds. "God, I love this job", he muttered to no one in particular.

Why was a black man running in the street with my wallet in his hand? 

Because he saw me dropping it, was a very virtuous, kind person, and was trying to reach me to give it back.

Why didn't the Asian student ask for a calculator? 

Because he was busy washing the dishes and thought a calculator would be completely inappropriate for the situation at hand.

Your mother is so fat that her body takes up more space than the average woman.

Why did little justin fall off his bike? 
because a terrorist threw a fridge at him

wait...why did you guys invite me? IM FRICKEN FROM HORNER YOU GUYS. but whatever, I'm such a traitor to my school and I have a lot of hopkins friends *cough cough +Felisha Li +Emmars T. Bunnie +Roy Ho +Carleen Li +Shivani Pandey 
and a bunch of other peoples


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