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Car Care Tips for Beginners
Car care routine can minimize the damage, extend the life of the car, prevent greater damage and saves the cost of taking care of the car. For someone who has had a car is certainly a little confused how it should treat the car the right way: what needs att...

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What to Do When Having Car Accident
Traffic accidents are always a threat for vehicle users and traffic. Vigilance and caution is needed by all users of the road to avoid the possibility of accidents. However, even though has been very careful sometimes accidents still happen. No one can avoi...

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Tips for Donating a Car to Charity
A charity that uses a donated vehicle for transportation or hauling goods obviously benefits directly from such a donation. However, in many cases donated cars will be sold en masse, either by the charity itself or by a dealer to raise funds for the charity...

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The Vew Nissan GT-R will use a hybrid engine
Nissan GT-R Many predicted to emerge if the latest generation of the
sports car Nissan GT-R will be a hybrid engine that is not constrained global
emissions standards are more stringent. And now the speculation intensified when Chief Creative
Nissan, Shiro ...

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Tips on using the Engine Brake
Engine brake to be another way to lower the rotation speed
of vehicles in addition to the conventional braking makeover. Generally, engine
braking techniques more easily done on a manual transmission car. Although it can be done but the engine brake should ...

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Tips on Choosing a Rental Car
If you have decided to hire a car for your travel needs, make sure you choose a car that fits your needs. This addition will save the budget will maximize your trip. The first, you must make sure your aim in renting the car. Some questions that you can make...

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Boost Car Looks, with Replacing Rims
When you are tired  looking at your standard car, the easiest way to modify it by replacing the rim. Besides can be seen significant changes, the car owner can at will choose a character model of rims to be used. Usually most people do modifications to the ...

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Tips : Do not Forget Rotate Tires
Tires are essential components of the four-wheeled vehicle that requires special care. Road conditions and driving habits make tires quickly exhausted. The manufacturer issued a recommendation to rotate all four tires regularly, move the two rear wheels to ...

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Tips for beginners how Driving a Car
Most of the drivers are able to master
novice feel the steering wheel and take lightly. They rush down to the highway,
causing a danger to themselves and other road users. Actually, there are many
things to consider when you are still a novice rider or a dr...
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